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Elden Ring Celebrant weapon locations: where to find the Celebrant's Skull, Rib-Rake, Sickle, and Cleaver

Track down all four Celebrant weapons in Elden Ring

Looking for the Celebrant weapons in Elden Ring? The Celebrant weapons in Elden Ring are a unique group of armaments that grant 20 Runes on each hit. While that’s a small amount relative to high-level requirements, they still make for decent farming tools through Elden Ring’s midgame. Those 20s add up when clearing through zones, especially with the faster, lower-damage Celebrant weapons that hit more frequently.

This guide will help you track down all four Celebrant weapons in Elden Ring, whether you’re looking to farm Runes or just adding to your collection.

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Elden Ring Celebrant weapon locations and farming strategies

Three of the four Celebrant weapons are random drops from the Celebrant enemies that creepily dance around the Windmill Village in the north of the Altus Plateau. To acquire the Celebrant’s Sickle, Celebrant’s Rib-Rake, and Celebrant’s Cleaver, you’ll just need to kill a whole bunch of Celebrants. All three drops are fairly rare, so some strategy will help.

To speed things up, you’ll want to raise your Discovery to increase enemy drop rates. The Silver Scarab talisman (found in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree behind an illusory wall) is a must, and the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable will provide an additional boost. You can further raise discovery by increasing your Arcane attribute.

Marika’s Soreseal will provide some extra points of Arcane. You may also consider respec-ing to an Arcane-focused build. Rivers of Blood is a particularly strong Arcane weapon, and its skill can easily wipe out a group of Celebrants in a single cast. Combine these Discovery boosters, then clear out the Windmill Village until you find the weapon or weapons you’re looking for.

The location of the Celebrant's Skull weapon on the map in Dominula, Village, on the northern edge of Elden Ring's Altus Plateau

Elden Ring Celebrant Skull location

Three of the four Celebrant weapons require some farming, but the Celebrant's Skull great hammer is much easier to find. Travel to the Dominula, Windmill Village Site of Grace, then head straight north until you reach the cliff’s edge. Turn east, and follow the ledge until you see a body with an item on it. On that corpse, you will find the Celebrant’s Skull.

With these strategies, you can more easily farm the Celebrant’s Sickle, Rib-Rake, and Cleaver after finding the Celebrant’s Skull. The Rib-Rake and Sickle fit nicely into Dexterity builds, while the Cleaver and Skull are better for Strength users. For some other weapons to consider, check out our guide to the best weapons in Elden Ring. If you’re a completionist, we’ve also got a complete list of all the Elden Ring boss locations.

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