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Enrolment in explore-o-draw game Art Sqool starts this February

Are you the next Van Gogh?

They don’t call it ‘art’ificial intelligence for nothing – at Art Sqool all of your assignments will be given and graded by an AI determined to turn every student into Picasso. The illustrious Professor Qwertz will be throwing open the doors to their academy on February 5th.

You can see the announcement trailer, complete with an oh-so-catchy song, below.

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This is truly the only time I will be excited about re-entering education, mostly because I am intrigued by the question developer Julian Glander posed me in his email: Can you draw a horse?

Can I draw a horse? My immediate reaction was no, of course; I am far from artistically inclined. But having seen the abstract creations in both this and its previous trailer, I’m beginning to think that I might be able to interpret the instructions “draw” and “horse” much more liberally and therefore succeed. Perhaps this opening of the mind is how Art Sqool alumni achieve that fabled thing called “creative fulfilment.”

Of course, with Professor Qwertz’s expert tutelage I might also be able to achieve algorithmically determined artistic perfection. Only time will tell.

Art Sqool is scheduled to release on Steam and on February 5th, and will cost $11.99. The soundtrack for the game will also be available to stream online, and I am extremely curious as to whether it will all be this particular brand of earworm-y.

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