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Escape From Tarkov's next map is off to the big city

It's not all warehouses and woods in Tarkov

Battlestate today gave a new look at Escape From Tarkov's next map, named Streets Of Tarkov. Escaping the woods, warehouses, villages, and industrial facilities of previous maps, it'll head right into the big city. Battlestate say it will be the hardcore PvP first-person scavenge-o-shooter's "biggest and most detailed location ever". I say it has some unexpectedly stylish apartments for a game where you're desperate to find bog roll.

"It will be the biggest and most detailed location ever," Battlestate COO Nikita Buyanov said on the PC Gaming Show today. "There will be a lot of explorable buildings and grounds. It's an attempt to simulate the city, the realistic modern city."

A location like this does seem important for contrast. The game's set in a Russian region which collapsed so hard that civilians fled and armed factions took over, but it doesn't have that full vibe if you're mostly poking around warehouses and the occasional run-down shopping centre (which, really, you can find on any British high street).

Buyanov also mentioned that the upcoming patch 12.7 will expand the Customs map, enlarging the overall area by 30-40%. He added, "The next update will totally overhaul the whole skill system and there will be a new boss called Sanitor. This boss will be able to heal his partners and search for stashes, we always try to bring something new in terms of new bosses. Really big amount of cool features are to come this year. We'll try to bring some new experiences for you."

Escape From Tarkov is currently in paid beta, with access coming if you pre-order for €35.

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