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Far Cry 6 footage sneaks out ahead of tonight’s reveal

Here be spoilers (and death by The Macarena)

Ubisoft's tradition having a big announcement being leaked ahead of time has been celebrated by Far Cry 6 today. While we’ve been waiting on tonight’s reveal stream, the basic elements of what they were going to show popped up on YouTube earlier before suffering from the inevitable copyright strike. I managed to watch it before it was taken down. Fair warning: the rest of this post is absolutely heaving with spoilers.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry 6: World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

The footage showed chunks of what we’ll see tonight, shorn of a lot of context. In the game you're a guerilla fighter trying to topple dictator Antón Castillo. The Cuban-style setting mixes high-tech military installations and vehicles with classic cars and colonial backdrops.

It feels a bit wackier than past entries - and that's saying something after the flourescent post-apocalypse of Far Cry New Dawn. A lot of the weapons are built from spare parts, including a bunch of backpacks built to tote around special weapons. One includes a missile launcher, while another is a bizarre combination of a jet-pack and flamethrower. The player uses it to clear out an area around himself while boosting a few feet into the air. Stealthier players will probabably appreciate the CD player gun that plays music and also launches its discs at people. Someone dies to the Macarena. What? No! I'm not joking.

The pets are equally ad-hoc and weaponised. A crocodile with a gold tooth and t-shirt can be set on people, as can a wheelchair-bound dog sausage dog. The player is spotted trotting around on a horse as well. You can pet all three.

It’s also very Far Cry. We’re six deep into the series so they’re not changing now. They’re just adding things to the chaotic open-world battles, and I’m kind of a sucker for it. More please. Forever.

The stream is going to be here at 5:30pm BST (or 9:30am PT). Just look surprised. Far Cry 6 is still scheduled for release sometime in 2021, after being delayed from its previous target in February. We should hopefully find out when tonight.

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