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Finally, A BioShock Infinite Trailer!

After years of speculation, I've finally figured out what the 'Infinite' stands for in the new BioShock's title. It's the number of trailers that they're going to release before the game comes out. The closer we'll get, the sheer mass of the trailers they've made will start warping time. We'll slow down the closer we get to the March 26th, and time will stretch on and on. We'll never escape the trailer singularity, and the closer we the less chance we'll have of playing. So I have another trailer for you, because I passed the event horizon a long time ago.

I should probably stop watching these, but I am a bit too excited about BioShock Infinite. It's the only release date I don't have to Google to remember. I added it to Google Calender. I really did.

This is the 'False Shepherd' trailer, but there's little to no Mass Effect cosplay. It has all the trailer cliches you can imagine. There is a bit where an orchestra makes that increasing screechy noise to denote THINGS! There are three separate occasions where the action stops, the screen fades to black while Booker narrates, and then ACTION! They don't appear to have found the Inception button at least.

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