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Frostpunk's upcoming DLC will take you back before winter began

Winter is coming, indeed.

The world of Frostpunk is a hellscape where the cold will kill your entire city despite all those tough choices you made to allow cannibalism or put children to work in coal mines. Brendan Caldwell called it one of the harshest winters in games which is, if anything, an understatement. There had to have been something before the Game Of Thrones style winter that never ends. 11 bit Studios are going back to when it all began in the upcoming DLC for Frostpunk called The Last Autumn scheduled for January.

The Last Autumn before everything descends into eternal winter will show players "the civilization’s last attempts to remain unbeaten by nature and build a generator in an effort to save your people," say 11 Bit. Things were "full of life and energy" before the British Empire ultimately lost its war against the climate, according to 11 Bit.

I've got to wonder how there's any hope of winning a scenario that takes place before the inevitable cooling effect. Frostpunk's main campaign is difficult but you can succeed. I suppose we'll have to wait and find out how the newest DLC actually handles the narrative demand that humanity loses the war of attrition against the cold.

The new story DLC will add new buildings and technologies for your cities. There will also be new Books of Law: the dubious propositions that you can choose to impose upon your people to keep society's head just barely above the tide. Presumably they will be quite different from the kinds of laws you're inclined to enact in the main Frostpunk campaign. Or, given that winter is looming ahead, not so different after all.

The Last Autumn will officially debut on January 21. You'll be able to grab it on, and the Humble Store where the base game is available. As an added bonus, Frostpunk is currently 60% off on Steam and GOG for £10/€12/$12.


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