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How to get to Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Accessing the newest nation of Teyvat in the 3.0 update

How can you get into Sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0? Sumeru is the latest nation added to Genshin Impact's increasingly sprawling world map, courtesy of the Version 3.0 update. On this page, we'll let you know how to cross the border and begin your journey in this brand-new region.

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How to begin the Sumeru storyline

If you're all caught up and are looking to follow the story, the best way to reach Sumeru while keeping in step with the plot is to follow the waypoints shown to you on the new Archon Questline, "Chapter III - Act I: Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark".

In order to begin the new questline, you need to meet just a couple of requirements:

  • Reach at least Adventure Rank 35.
  • Complete Chapter II of the Archon Quests (up to and including "Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths").

How to travel to Sumeru

Unlike last year's new addition Inazuma, Sumeru is actually very easy to get to even if you're behind on the main story. Once you install the Version 3.0 update, you'll see that a previously blocked off area of the map to the west of Liyue is now accessible on foot. Sumeru is a bit more compact than some of the other nations in Teyvat, so it shouldn't take you long to navigate to the nearest Statue of the Seven and begin lighting up new areas of the map.

Unlocking the Avidya Forest region of Sumeru on Genshin Impact's updated V3.0 map.

While you can simply walk into Sumeru, the game does actually give you a bit of guidance. Under the Events tab, you'll see a new entry called Dharma Forest. Accepting this event will help you navigate to a Statue of the Seven that's fairly central in Sumeru, and is a convenient spot from which to begin your exploration of the new nation.

The event overview for "Dharma Forest" in Genshin Impact V3.0.

There are no story requirements you need to meet before reaching Sumeru this way as, just like Mondstadt and Liyue, it's possible to explore this nation thoroughly and unlock its map points without engaging with the main questline.

Exploring Sumeru is just one of the new things you can do in Genshin Impact Version 3.0. Why not check out our build pages for Tighnari and Collei to get to know some of the denizens of this newly opened nation, and check out our page on elemental reactions in Genshin Impact to learn all about how the new Dendro element works!

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