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Hardier trebuchets and babies for all in new Total War: Three Kingdoms patch

Don't put the babies in trebuchets, obviously

Total War: Three Kingdoms wants you to get procreating and projectilin' in its new 1.1.0 patch. The patch list includes stability fixes, expanded tutorials, and a higher likelihood of marriages resulting in babies among its highlights. The patch arrived yesterday just in time for the extremely metal-sounding 'Reign Of Blood' DLC, which is out Thursday 27th. Have a trailer. The trailer has some blood in it.

The full list of patch notes (which you can find on the Total War blog here) also lists some tweaks to vassalisation rules to stop Yuan Shao getting greedy and ruining the game for everyone. Take that, Yuan Shao. Three Kingdoms has already stolen a frankly embarrassing amount of my time this year already, and considering its release was one of the more stable Total War launches, its heartening to see Creative Assembly responding to player feedback so soon. It's a long list in all, but here's some other bits and bobs that jumped out at me.

There's been some tweaks to unit HP, including a 20% increase to the health of Onyx Dragons and Defenders of Earth. Who, now they bring it up, did seem a bit squishy considering their price.

Trebuchets can no longer be damaged by standard arrows, which is only fair, and I know it's fair because I love using trebuchets so anything that makes them stronger is good and correct. Also, Lü Bu is now more expensive to hire, just in case you needed even more reason to kill him the minute he turns up in your campaign.

Total War: Three Kingdoms (which Denis Ryan called "the best Total War game", and I also think is well good) is currently a total of 10% off on Total Steam.

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