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Here's 10 minutes of gameplay from Katana Zero's free DLC

A slice of the first level

The first gameplay footage of Katana Zero's free DLC expansion has finally sliced its way onto the internet. Developer Askiisoft released a near-ten minute slice of the DLC's first level over the weekend, showing off some of the ultraviolent delights we can expect to see when it eventually comes out. Have a watch of the level in full below (and apologies in advance to Jim, whose birthday wish of escaping any surprise intruders on his special day goes very much unheard).

Watch on YouTube

The bulk of the DLC level is set in a heavily guarded research facility, where gun-wielding scientists and armoured security forces patrol the hallways. As in the original game, you'll need to clear each room of its respective goons without taking a single hit before you can move on to the next one. If your zippy urban samurai does get nicked, though, time rewinds so you can instantly take another pop at it and try something new.

Katana Zero was an instant Bestest Best when we reviewed it back in 2019, and it continues to be one of the best action games you can play on PC right now. "You can't help but feel like a whiz when a set of enemies who each killed you the first time you encountered them fall by your sword based on muscle memory alone," we said. "There is much in Katana Zero that's familiar, narratively and aesthetically, but it hardly matters when it feels so good to play."

Alas, we still don't know exactly when its free DLC is coming out just yet, but the best place to keep up to date with the latest info is Askiisoft's Twitter page. And if you haven't yet experienced the delights of the original Katana Zero, you can grab it right now on Steam, GOG and Humble for £11 / $14.

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