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How to get Mora in Genshin Impact

No more scrounging around

While saving up Mora isn’t typically an issue for newer players, as you progress in the game, you might find yourself as poor as Teyvat residents Zhongli or Mona (spoiler alert: they’re pretty poor). Luckily, the lovely world of Teyvat offers a plethora of ways to fill your in-game wallet back up, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to do so in Genshin Impact.

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How to get more Mora in Genshin Impact

Utilize codes

Perhaps the easiest way to get Mora is using one of Genshin’s many codes. Every so often, Mihoyo drops a new string of numbers and letters that will grant you a form of in-game currency (typically Primogems or Mora). If you’re on the hunt for them, make sure to pay attention to Special Programs and maintenance periods related to new updates, as Mihoyo typically is most generous when rewarding players during rollout periods for new updates. Lucky for you, we’ve got an updated list of all Genshin Impact codes for your perusal.

Complete Daily Commissions

The most reliable way to get Mora is by completing your Daily Commissions, which can be found in your Quests menu after reaching Adventure Rank 16. Once you’ve completed all four of your Commissions and spoken to Katheryne at an Adventurer’s Guild of your choice, you’ll be rewarded with about 20,000 Mora (along with some Primogems and other goodies) depending on the intensity of the work you did. Complete your Commissions every day and you’ll essentially have a full time job!

Complete Bounties, Requests, and World Exploration

While reaching a higher Reputation in a particular region won’t reward you with any Mora, the things you’ll need to do to earn Reputation EXP will. To get started with or check your progress on any of these things, head to a city’s Reputation area after reaching Adventure Rank 25.

Reaching a 20%, 40%, or 60% Exploration Progress level in a certain region will reward you with 20,000 Mora. You’ll also get 20,000 Mora for a 3-star Bounty, 25,000 Mora for a 4-star Bounty, and 30,000 Mora for a 5-star Bounty. Finally, you’ll get 20,000 Mora for completing a Request. (Exploration progress takes a long time to increase, so we’d recommend sticking to the latter two if you’re solely looking for Mora.)

Complete Quests

Most other quests in Genshin will reward you with some kind of Mora. You can always see how much Mora a quest will grant you by checking the Quests menu. Larger tasks, like Archon and Story Quests, can reward thousands of Mora, so make sure you’re caught up on Genshin’s story if you’re lacking in Mora. Additionally, pay attention to your inventory — during certain quests, you’ll receive Bags of Mora that can be exchanged for actual Mora at Liyue’s Northland Bank.

Complete Expeditions

After reaching Adventure Rank 14, you’ll have access to Expeditions, which can be activated by speaking with the ominously omnipresent Katheryne in any major city. Dispatching a character to Stormterror’s Lair, Dihua Marsh, Jueyun Karst, Jinren Island, or Tatarasuna will reward you with Mora, with a maximum of 5,000 Mora for 20 hours on an Expedition.

Find chests

All out of Commissions for the day? Don’t fret — there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on some more Mora, and scouring the map for any spare treasure chests you might have missed is one of the best. All chests (except Remarkable Chests in Enkanomiya) will grant you varying amounts of Mora, so you can’t go wrong with this method. Especially if you’re at a lower Adventure Rank, you’re likely to have missed quite a few in areas with lower Exploration Progress percentages. Using a Treasure Compass can help locate these occasionally pesky chests, though if you haven’t unlocked these gadgets yet, Mihoyo’s official Teyvat Map is just as helpful.

Exchange Sigils

You can also buy Mora with other currencies! (It’s a bit confusing, but if it means more Mora, we’ll take it.) If you’ve been exploring a certain region a lot, it’s likely that you have plenty of Sigils on hand. In Mondstadt and Liyue, you can exchange these Sigils for 1,600 Mora each, but there’s a catch. Once you exchange 60 Sigils for Mora in Mondstadt and 120 Sigils for Mora in Liyue, the price doubles. In Inazuma, the process of buying Mora with Sigils is a bit more complicated — you’ll have to increase the Sacred Sakura’s Favor to level 50 before unlocking the Souvenir Shop in Inazuma.

Exchange Stardust

Another way to buy Mora is through the Stardust Exchange, which we cover in depth in our Starglitter and Stardust guide. You’ll earn a fair amount of Stardust through wishing, and you’ll be able to exchange it for Mora in the Stardust Exchange tab of the Paimon’s Bargains Shop section. 10 Stardust will net you 10,000 Mora, though you’ll only be able to purchase 300,000 Mora at this price per month. Once you’ve hit that limit, the price will double.

Exchange Realm Currency with Tubby

If you’ve reached Adventure Rank 30 and set up a Serenitea Pot, you’re likely already aware that you can buy Mora from Tubby, your handy housing assistant. Through the Realm Depot menu, Tubby sells 10,000 Mora for 120 Realm Currency, which is a pretty great deal considering the fact that Realm Currency accumulates on its own once you have furnishings in your Teapot.

Participate in Events

Genshin Impact almost always has multiple events going on, most of which award Mora. You can access these events by heading to the Events menu or by seeking them out in the Quests menu. While the amount of Mora these events grant varies based on the intensity of the event, you’ll almost always be fairly compensated for your dedication to the game.

Complete Investigations

If you’ve been ignoring your Adventurer’s Handbook, now’s the time to stop. The first tab of the booklet provides you with Investigations, which are essentially challenges related to your progression in the game. Some of these tasks reward thousands of Mora, and you’ll receive even more as a reward for completing sets of Investigations. Your handbook will also help you locate enemies and bosses, which brings us to our next point…

Fight enemies

You’ll earn Mora every time you defeat an enemy as well. The amounts are a bit pitiful, though — if you’re on a mission for Mora, we’d recommend sticking to bosses, which can reward thousands of Mora at higher World Levels.

Complete Domains and The Spiral Abyss

All Domains in Genshin Impact have a chance to reward you with Mora. While the amount is relatively small compared to the amount of effort each Domain takes to clear, if you’re looking to complete a Domain anyway, this can be a great way to replenish your Mora reserves. The Spiral Abyss also rewards massive amounts of Mora for completing a Floor with 3, 6, or 9 stars, so if you've been slacking in the Spiral Abyss, now's a great time to return.

Complete Blossoms of Wealth

After Adventure Rank 12, you’ll be able to locate Blossoms of Wealth on your map, with one popping up per region. These handy Ley Line Outcrops will spawn a group of enemies when interacted with. Defeat these foes and a hefty amount of Mora is yours (as long as you have 20 Original Resin or 1 Condensed Resin to spare). Blossoms of Wealth can grant you as much as 60,000 Mora if your World Level is maxed out, so don’t forget about them if you’re low on Mora!

Raise your Battle Pass Level

Even if you’re only playing Genshin for a few minutes per day, you’ll inevitably complete some Battle Pass Missions, which help raise your Battle Pass Level. These tasks range from simply logging in to making a total of 50 wishes — there are Battle Pass Missions for every type of player. Thankfully, you’ll be rewarded with thousands of Mora every few levels (and you’ll gain even more if you decide to splurge on the Sojourner’s Battle Pass.

That’s all the information we’ve got on earning more Mora! If you’re looking for ways to replenish your other currencies, why not check out our Genshin Impact Primogems guide? Or, if you're already stocked up on these, head to our banner guide to gear up for the next limited character.

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