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Hunters rejoice - Monster Hunter: World is bringing PC up to speed in April

Good hunting

Slashing through Monster Hunter: World on PC has always meant dealing with delays. Capcom's dino-basher launched on Steam over six months after its console debut in 2018, while we similarly had to wait four months before we getting our mitts on the brilliant Iceborne expansion. But Capcom reckon PC players have been pulling up the rear for too long, announcing full platform parity and the return of a "fan-favourite" beastie in a new content roadmap posted this weekend.

By April, Monster Hunter: World will be synced across all platforms, with new updates arriving for all players at once. But we've a few months to go 'til then, and for the time being the timeline is split. While console treads water for a bit, PC will play catch-up, adding in monsters and arenas the console lot have been toying around with for weeks.

February brings in the bullish Rajang and a volcanic region for the endgame guiding lands. That month also arrives with a few limited-time events, including a Resident Evil 2 crossover. Just in case you ever wanted to smack a dragon, dressed as a cop. March, meanwhile, heralds the arrival of two more monsters - the Stygian Zinogre and Safi'jiiva - as the Guiding Lands' gains a new Tundra Region to balance out all that lava.

From then on out, all new beasties, updates and events will release on one schedule, regardless of your gaming brick of choice. Monster Hunter World isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and new monsters, and updates set to keep on coming for the foreseeable. In June, hunters can also expect the return of a "fan-favourite" monster.

Knowing nothing about Monster Hunter (besides big swords and bigger buffets), I'll let y'all do the speculation on that one. I hope it's like, a colossal frog. I'm a fan, and that would be my favourite.

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