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It's Rico time! Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod out in beta

Grab some pals

The big silly sandbox of Just Cause 3 is a fine place to dick about, driving and gliding and exploding all over for giggles, but it was sorely lacking the option to muck about with your mates. That's now resolved with the beta release of Nanos Just Cause 3 Multiplayer [official site]. The unofficial mods adding multiplayer with potentially hundreds of players per server, chasing and racing and exploding together. Just Cause 3 is chaotic with only one play so with hundreds, oh my!

Look at this tomfoolery:

Cover image for YouTube video

Proper japes and no mistake!

This was supposed to launch in December but, following, officially launched on Friday. The mod's still in beta, fixes a-flying, but you can now download Nanos JC3MP from its site for free. You'll need to log in through your Steam account and, obviously, own a copy of Just Cause 3.

The mod also supports scripting for server owners to create and run custom game modes.

This JC3 multiplayer mod, by the way, is different to the one that was being made by folks behind JC2 MP's mod. That got cancelled when its lead developer landed a job at Avalanche, the makers of Just Cause.

I've not had a crack at this yet but did enjoy the sheer foolishness of the bit of Just Cause 2 MP I played. Certain areas of the world became non-stop explodezones but I had some great fun playing ad-hoc games with unspoken rules, racing and chasing and, obviously, exploding.

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