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League of Legends Will Soon Have A Champion Catfish

Down by the riverside

The next League of Legends [official site] Champion looks like he might be a bit of a dick. Judging from this cinematic trailer, the Cajun-flavored River King may be something of a fairy tale villain. He's constantly hungry, for one. And will barter with unsuspecting mortals for impossible favors. Without spoiling the three-minute video, let’s just say that things take for a dark, disturbing turn towards the end.

More catfish than bruiser, The River King is an interesting-looking character, one that I suspect will emerge as a tanky kinda guy. While I would have preferred him to be a River Queen (there are not enough monster women in the world, guys), I'm perfect happy with the idea of another hulking abomination in the world.

Riot Games hinted at the coming of the River King in their last set of patch notes too, proving that even gaming giants can be filled with questionable puns. Don't believe me? Just look below.

"And that about encapsulates the contents of this patch. For those of you struggling to keep up in your games of League, we're always striving to ensure you won't be stuck up the river without a paddle. That said, if conventional means don't work, be careful who you call when seeking help; there's all sorts of things out there, preying on the wishes of desperate people. Mope, and you mope alone - laugh, and the world laughs with you. Or so they say".

No word has been released in regards to what exactly the River King is capable of, but you can be sure the Internet will be swarming with news once it is available.

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