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Metal Gear Online Explained, PC Phantom Pain Delayed

Tactical espionage selfie action.

Good news first, RPS: there's a commentated version of the trailer for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site] online component, Metal Gear Online. It shows off a (highly scripted) 8v8 round of play in a one-sided CTF style game mode of "get the item and get out." The new commentary explains some of the gadgets and devices shown last year.

Bad but typical news: while the simultaneous global release date for MGS5 is September 1st, that's only for yir auld console-box. We'll be waiting until the 15th to sneak up on it via Steam. There's been no explanation as to why this is.

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Using my elite knowledge of the Metal Gear universe (I have played the fantastic Revengeance and a couple of hours of MGS4, where I didn't get the poop jokes but it seemed alright) I've determined that the device used to get behind the mech is likely a player-to-player teleport. Team mates set up a receiver and you use an item at your end to get straight to them. The "distinct paint" on the shields is probably some sort of single-player spoiler.

Here's the details on how to purchase MGS5 and what you'll get with it, along with a handy chart to keep track of the extras. I feel like something went wrong somewhere if you need that to track the day one DLC from your paid for demo, collector's editions, special editions and digital editions.

Oh, the video that leaked earlier this week is now officially online too, via IGN. It includes more details on parts of the single-player mode and how it will integrate with online services to provide co-op and PvP.

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