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Metal Gear Online's Cloaked In Silence DLC Out Now

All Quiet on the Eastern front

After laying bare its details at the beginning of the month, the Cloaked in Silence DLC for Metal Gear Online [official site] is out now. On top of three new maps and unlimited access to the upcoming Survival mode, the expansion adds the formidable photosynthesising sniper Quiet to its ranks. Come see her in action:

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On the battlefield, Quiet can move, jump, cover and kill as quickly as seen there, however as a unique character - alongside Venom Snake and Ocelot - only one player on each team gets randomly assigned her pre-battle. As shown there, the maps she'll be dancing around include: Coral Complex, a Motherbase-type environment; Rust Palace, a decrepit Afghanistan-set multi-tiered runic setup; and Azure Mountain, a group of derelict houses plonked in the middle of the African plains. If you've played the Phantom Pain, then all of these locales should be familiar.

Come April 7, those who purchase Cloaked in Silence will be granted unlimited access to the new squad-based "win-streak" Survival mode, whereas those who don't will be restricted to playing ten times per week. Here, you'll form teams of six and aim for "consecutive wins over several matches", say Konami, with rewards for the victors.

Oh, and a new mission named Sabotage is also now available to all, whether you buy the expansion or not, and sees two teams go toe-to-toe over a weapons crate. From what I can tell, this is essentially capture the flag but with the use of Fulton extraction and I'm immediately sold on the idea.

I spent so much time playing the Phantom Pain - and missed the release of so many other games in the process - that I've felt almost guilty overindulging in Metal Gear Online. Seeing this might just be the nudge I need to draw me in, if for nothing else but to dart around a seemingly stealth-oriented environment at lightning speeds, leaping over obstacles and killing folks at will. Shooting someone else's Fulton down just as it looks dead certain to take off also looks like remarkable fun.

Metal Gear Online's Cloaked in Silence DLC is out now on Steam for £3.19.

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