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Minecraft Dungeons is getting cross-platform multiplayer

As well as a bunch of free stuff

I'm really enjoying Minecraft Dungeons, and my only real criticism of it right now is that there just aren't enough levels to explore. That won't be the case as of next month, however, because the game's first DLC, Jungle Awakens is dropping in July. On top of that, Mojang have announced they're working on bringing cross-platform multiplayer to Minecraft Dungeons, as well as a bunch of other content in a free future update.

It's nice to see Dungeons follow in big Minecraft's footsteps with the cross-play stuff. They haven't announced exactly when we get that functionality yet, but Mojang say it'll be coming with some "cool new free content" that players will get regardless of which edition of Dungeons they own.

Before we get all that though, the new Jungle Awakens DLC is coming out in July, inviting you to "a distant, dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power". It'll include three new missions in a new tropical rainforest-y area, as well as some fresh new weapons, armour and artifacts to shake up your builds. Some of the new mobs we'll have to face include the Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie and Poison Quill Vine - which all seem fairly self-explanatory as to how they plan on doing damage to our adventurers.

There's a little info on upcoming DLC number two in the post announcing all this, as well. That one's called Creeping Winter, and will be making its way to the game later this year. It kind of sounds like it plans on creeping up on us in the winter, to be honest.

Having ravaged through the game's campaign already, I'm certainly looking forward to some more. It really is a great little spin-off - but you don't have to take my word for it. In Nate's Minecraft Dungeons review, he calls it "a charming, lively little looter-bruter."

If you're playing the game yourself and are after an extra level to battle through right now, you should make sure you've found that secret cow level - we've got a Minecraft Dungeons guide that'll lead you right to it.

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