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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is out now, but don't forget to play the demo first

Pokemonster Hunter

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin is finally out. As Ed said in his review, it’s a game that begins as a “slow slog” but eventually transforms into a “satisfying number cruncher.” If you are considering a purchase, there’s one final step you can take before plonking down a big pile of monster cash: grab the free dmeo, which is now available alongside the main game. I hear there’s a lot to it, though it does have the dreaded Denuvo monstie hiding in its files.

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The demo consists of the opening portion of the game. It's been available for the Nintendo Switch for a couple of weeks now and from what I’ve seen you can enjoy at least a couple of hours of the game: a few dungeons to raid, monsties to battle, and weapons to upgrade. The limitations include only one save slot, no multiplayer, and a level max of 11. You can play after reaching level 11, you just won't accrue any XP. You can also carry your progress over to the main game if you then decide to buy it in full.

You'll get more out of grabbing it than dealing with Steam's two-hour refund limit. Kudos to Capcom for providing it. If you’re convinced after playing the demo, the full game is £50 / €60 / $60 on Steam.

I just said “they should call in Pokemonster Hunter” out loud and the only audience was my cat, who was briefly distracted by her very important cat activities to give this look. Enjoy.

A black cat covered in white string sitting in a box

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