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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is going to let me do gene science on giant bears

Hello Arzuros I love you already

What is better than battles between giant bears? Obviously it's battles between giant bears that I have bred specifically to shoot giant plasma beams out of their giant mouths. Also the bear is my bestie because this is Monster Hunter series spinoff Monster Hunter Stories 2 where mega deadly creatures are also my best pals. Ahead of its launch in July, MonStories 2 has shown off some of its monstie gene splicing and (obviously) I am psyched for bears.

During their digital Monster Hunter event today, Capcom showed off some of the particulars of gene inheritance for your monstie pals. MonStories 2 revolves around turn-based battles between your monsties, so the gene splicing bit is a method of improving their combat ability by bumping up their attributes or gifting them new combat skills.

You can spot a look at the Rite Of Channeling here in today's showcase. They also chat a bit about finding eggs for special monsties with rare genes by diving into monster dens.

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Individual monsties come with different genes, each with an element and attack type to consider when choosing which genes another monstie should inherit. There's a puzzle-y element to it all on a 3x3 grid, where lining up genes of the same color or type will increase their power. You can also choose to stack genes on top of each other in a slot instead.

All the gene inheriting business can be used to, as Capcom explain, give fire-breathing attacks to a monstie that doesn't naturally have them. Or—and this is important—make an unstoppable bear with elemental powers inherited from other mega monsters.

"Yeah yeah," I hear the MonHunt pros saying, "Arzuros, we know." The MonHunt series still feels shiny and new here in PC land though, and MonHunt World does not have Arzuros. I will treasure my battle bears. Especially so because I'll get to ride them instead of hunt them.

Also in today's event, Capcom go over a new title update coming to Monster Hunter Rise, for those curious. That one is coming to PC, but not until sometime next year, mind.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin launches on July 9th over on Steam for £50/€60/$60. It's also launching on the Nintendo Switch.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 - A closeup of an Arzuros during a battle with top text reading "Ice Launcher" prior to an attack.

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