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Oho: Max Payne 3 Cheaters Forced To Play Against Other

Apparently, the ability to slow the passage of time - perhaps mankind's most potent enemy of all - wasn't enough for some Max Payne 3 players. They needed more an edge. An upper hand. A fool-proof means of killing you and your fun. So, of course, they added the requisite loadout of cheats and hacks to their arsenals, and now honest players are getting quite Mad Max over Max Payne. Happily, however, Rockstar has proposed a rather unique solution.

The paradoxically sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll-obsessed developer explained its take on crime and punishment in a blog post:

"Anyone found to have used hacked saves, modded games, or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, or to circumvent the leaderboards will be quarantined from all other players into a "Cheaters Pool", where they'll only be able to compete in multiplayer matches with other confirmed miscreants."

"In the event we decide to absolve any of these cheaters for their past transgressions they may re-enter play with the general public, however a second offense will result in their indefinite banishment. In either case, we will be removing invalid leaderboard entries to ensure that the players at the top of the charts have earned their spots fairly."

Meanwhile, Rockstar also recommends that you report any suspected cheaters to, because we've yet to figure out how to enchant any other tool with swift, brutal banning capabilities.

At the very least, though, this is an interesting way of dealing with it. And while it's certainly a solid discussion topic in itself, I'd like to widen things a bit: Have you ever out-and-out cheated in an online game? If so, why? Did you feel bad? Did you have a good reason? Conversate! I command it!

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