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Pack your bags, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is shooting for the moon in a new launch trailer

Tanks for the memories

Here, whatever happened to that wizard? The one wot came from the moon? Has anyone checked in on them, are they doing okay? Is the Shadowkeep their house? It's an awfully nice house, that. I think it's time we paid the wizard a visit. Mind, you never know with these space rascals, so I think I'll pack a heavier kit this time around. Y'know, just in case. With less than a week until everyone else goes rocketing off for the moon, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep proves Bungie still have some surprises left up their sleeves, as you can see in the trailer below.

While there's not too much surprising stuff going on in the new video, there are a few neat things to keep an eye out for. Shadowkeep will launch with an as-yet-unnamed new dungeon full of nasty spikes and nastier demon lads. Close combat finishers will let you biff some baddies up close for outrageous damage, and there's the regular lineup of new emotes, ship and sparrow skins to nab next week.

The rest of the trailer is more of that familiar stuff. Yeah, of course there'll be new Strikes and Crucible arenas, absolutely cursed new looks, and a big ol' fancy raid to plug at for the next few months. Shadowkeep is a big moment for Destiny 2, its first expansion without the safety net of a publisher, and Bungie are bringing the big guns in more ways than one.

Hopping into a vehicle in Destiny tends to mean keeping your feet firmly off the ground. But it's hard to imagine slamming tanks front-and-centre in this launch trailer if we weren't getting back behind the wheel. Rolling thunder popped up briefly during Destiny 2's main story, but bringing the big guns back into Destiny's sandbox could be a riot.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep hits Steam on October 1st for £30/€35/$35. Quick reminder, existing Destiny do-gooders, that you've only got about 5 more days to transfer your account from over to Steam.

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