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Persona 4 Golden is out on PC right now

Every day's great at your Junes!

After a little teasing, Atlus have launched Persona 4 Golden on PC, making it the first (and arguably best) entry in the much-loved JRPG series to make it over. It's out right now, appearing on Steam ahead of today's expected announcement. It's a series I've been hankering for on PC for absolutely ages, so it's great to see Atlus and Sega finally opening the floodgates. Here's hoping it won't be too long before Persona 5 follows in its wake.

A port of the PlayStation Vita game from 2012, the PC version of Persona 4 Golden now has support for higher resolutions and an unlocked framerate. It also supports mouse and keyboard controls in addition to game pads, and you can switch between the original Japanese voice over and its English dub - and you can read some more thoughts on the Persona 4 Golden PC port right here.

Set in the quiet town of Inaba, Persona 4 Golden sees a young teenager and his mates become embroiled in a series of horrible murder cases. With the local police at a loss on how to catch this mysterious serial killer, you end up doing some investigating of your own when one of your friends goes missing, following them into a strange parallel world that *checks notes* exists inside your TV.

Much dungeon crawling and turn-based battling ensues, but you've also got to make sure you don't fall behind in school. Thus, in classic Persona fashion, you'll be spending the day becoming a model student and making friends, and by night you'll be hitting up those randomly-generated dungeons to beef up your demon-slaying powers to try and solve what's causing all these murders and bring the world back to rights.

Persona 4 originally came out on the PS2 all the way back in 2008, which was then followed by an enhanced version known as Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita in 2012. It's the same game as the PS2 original, but contains a couple of extra features: primarily two additional Social Links (aka character relationships you can foster with friends and other Inaba residents to power up your Persona summons) and slightly re-tooled story elements. This 'Golden' model has become something of a Persona series tradition these days, as Atlus have just done a similar thing with Persona 5 Royal, which came out earlier this year. This added an extra character, a new Palace dungeon, new music and extra story and social bits to the original game from 2016, and is considered by many to be the definitive version of the game.

Persona 4 Golden is out now on Steam for £16/€20/$20.

Alas, there's still no word if Persona 5 will be following in Persona 4 Golden's footsteps onto PC just yet, but here's hoping this will be the first of many Persona games to make the jump.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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