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Phoenix Point evolves into an Epic exclusive with free DLC for backers

The Phoenix rises in a new location

Phoenix Point - the upcoming humans vs. aliens tactics game from Snapshot Games and original X-Com brain Julian Gollop - will be making its debut exclusive to Epic's rapidly growing store. This is one of the few deals which seem to have worked out well for potential players, too. Epic's backing has allowed Snapshot to confirm a full year of paid DLC, all of which will be free for those who backed the game's crowdfunding via Fig or otherwise pre-ordered it up until now. The game may be available elsewhere after that first year, but for now the planned Steam and GOG launches are off the cards. Below, an explanation video from Gollop himself.

Whatever your feelings may be on how Epic are handling their competition with Valve, it's hard to deny that whatever they're selling, developers seem to want it. The deal Epic cut with Snapshot Games has earned the studio the kind of stability that allows them to promise a full year of DLC without requiring a publisher. On a purely personal level, this is working out in my favour, too - I'd put some money down on a discounted pre-order some time ago. Finding that my £19 gets me a year of expansions too is just icing on the cake, and I honestly don't mind switching stores.

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Phoenix Point itself had previously been delayed until September. Not a surprising move, considering the game's ambitions. Despite its external similarities to Firaxis's modern XCOM, it has far more in common with the 90s original X-Com: UFO Defense. Ballistic modelling, inventory management and a Time Unit-based action system gives it a distinctly granular, old-school feel, despite cribbing the visual style of newer games. I'm already curious to see what this DLC will bring to the game, as Phoenix Point's original crowdfunding drive fell short of adding a mobile ocean base and underwater missions.

Phoenix Point will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store now for £36, although they are offering refunds for those who absolutely wanted the game on Steam or GOG. You can find its official site here.

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