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Players are hurling rocks to win Call Of Duty: Warzone's 1v1 Gulag

It's only a flesh wound!

The 1v1 fights in Call Of Duty: Warzone's Gulag are meant to be a quick fight where eliminated players who win the standoff get a second chance to respawn with their team. Naturally, players are working on ways to better ensure victory, because they are clever little buggers. They've already figured out how to make the Gulag's "non-lethal" rocks deadly and learned to abuse the tagging system as well. I'm not laughing, this is very rude. It's definitely not quite funny.

As spotted by PC Gamer, folks have begun posting videos of ways to cheese Warzone's weapons. Tactic number one involves innocuously tossing rocks. Players who are awaiting their turn in the 1v1 arena are able to pick up small rocks and lob them down at the combatants below. They do a measly 1 damage, not nearly enough to kill anyone. But they can kill something else: a claymore mine. Gulag combatants can set traps for one another, including ground mines, but a well-placed rock could set it off prematurely.


Oh yes, and although thrown rocks only do a single point of damage that's just enough to kill a person who has only a single point of health.


It's not just the rocks, either. Another player has decided to start spraying their upcoming challengers bright colors to better see them.


Be careful out there, Gulag combatants! Play nice with the other deadly killers, alright?

If you're still working out how to win in the normal fashion, check out RPS's Gulag guide. We've also got a Warzone map guide if you're need tips on where to land.

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