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Shadows Of Doubt's first major content update adds cheats, liars and a fancy hotel

Open world detective sim heats up

The lobby of a grand hotel in Shadows Of Doubt.
Image credit: ColePowered Games

Shadows Of Doubt is in many ways my ideal game: a procedurally generated detective sim set in an open, rain-slick noir city. I'm waiting for it to get further along in its Early Access journey, and to that end, its first major content update is here now.

The Cheats And Liars Update, as its called, adds new "infidelity cases" to investigate, alongside simpler lost-and-found side jobs.

Infidelity cases challenge you to catch cheating partners, while "lost and found" cases are about returning items that have been posted on apartment building lobby boards to their rightful owners.

To support the latter, you can now hand items to the citizens walking around Shadows Of Doubt's voxel city. You can also now accuse citizens of murder. "They may just acquiesce OR you may anger them and blow your investigative cover, making the arrest harder, so choose wisely." I look forward to wandering around yelling "It was you!" at everyone I meet in-game.

The other major update is a new location, the Grand Hotel. "Sitting high above many of the apartment buildings within the city, this posh building features a beautiful entrance and lobby complete with jukebox music, multiple bars and even a highrise balcony seating area. If you’re looking to post up closer to a case or just need some time away, you can also rent available rooms from the Hotel." One assumes the hotel might play home to some of those infidelity cases.

You can read the full patch notes on Steam.

Rachel had a play of Shadows Of Doubt at release and found it was too smart for her, while still having a great time playing it.

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