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Shipshape: Sunless Sea Release Date Set For February 6th

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In this topsy-turvy world, who knows what constitutes a release date anymore? Me probably, and I think that finishing with your early access period and launching as a finished game ought to be called something else. February 6th isn't Sunless Sea's release date, then. February 6th is its Sweet 1.0, or its Rites of Ascension, or its Day That Everyone Starts Complaining That It's Not Perfect Day.

Just last week the game sailed a little closer towards completion with its diamond update, which added a main storyline (or the closest the game comes to one) and continued to tweak the combat. Now we know for sure when it's done, done and double-done, with only a final pearl update to come to "complete the major storylines" and add "a couple of little flourishes" according to a post on the Sunless Sea blog.

As I said at the time, I've been holding off on playing the game until its completion, so the February 6th date is an exciting day for me. I don't know if it's less or more so than Adam, who has already played it a bunch but has the advantage of knowing he loves it already.

If it's been a while, refresh your memory of the game with this trailer:

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Sunless Sea

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