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The Cha Cha Slide arrives in Warzone 2

Try not to slide cancel

Warzone 2 is many things: battle royale, free-to-play, chock-full of guns. One thing I hadn’t thought of it as, at least until now, was a dance simulator, but then I’ve never used Tiktok. A cunning Warzone 2 player has managed to convince the enemy team to abandon their hostilities and indulge in a spot of shuffling to DJ Casper’s classic turn of the millennium hit Cha Cha Slide. It’s an odd choice, particularly considering they’re jumping around in a cemetery, but each to their own.

Liam has some sound advice for anyone who's just starting out in Warzone 2.Watch on YouTube

JhbTeam shared a video in the CODWarzone subreddit of himself using the game’s proximity chat to lead a group of players through the various steps of the Slide. Although one manages to fire off a few shots before they begin, everyone seems to be getting into the spirit of dance and generally behaving themselves. I particularly enjoy when that one lad rushes in from out of nowhere, right on cue for the slide to the right part. It’s not the most coordinated performance but it’s probably a lot better than I’d manage.

You can watch JhbTeam and his dancing troops' performance below:

Warzone 2 debuted less than a week ago, but it doesn’t have the greatest reviews on Steam right now thanks to player complaints of bugs, crashes, and issues launching the game. Among the issues the game's facing seem to be the odd zombie gun that’s come to life, only to shoot other players. There’s also been the return of invisible players running about, a phenomenon that bugged the original Warzone on several different occasions.

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is a free to play download from Steam and For some top tips on weaponry, check out Ollie’s guide to the best guns in Warzone 2.0. Can’t help you with your dance moves, I’m afraid.

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