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The Dauntless Reforged update launches tomorrow with overhauled progression

And quite a lot more

Free-to-play monster whacking game Dauntless chucked itself out of early access with quite a large update about a year back. This year it's got another big update in store called Dauntless Reforged that adds gliders and new hunts and progression systems and more. Phoenix Labs have published a new trailer today to show off the new bits you'll be getting up to when update 1.5.0 launches tomorrow.

The biggest thing that Dauntless Reforged seems to have reworked is its progression systems. Phoenix Labs have called the new system The Slayer's Path, a branching system that they hope will prevent players from getting stuck on hunts that they just don't groove with. You'll progress along the main path as you gain skill and weapon experience while the side paths that unlock new islands or hunt types can be unlocked with new currencies awarded for doing various bounties and quests.

Along with all that, the Reforged update 1.5.0 also adds the new Hunting Grounds, gliders for getting about, and new island events. Current game and gear progression are being migrated to the new system so you won't start at the bottom in Reforged. Phoenix Labs have gone into more detail about progress migration and other new systems in their post about the Slayer's Path.

Dauntless Reforged launches tomorrow, December 3rd. You can download it free-to-play over on the Epic Game Store.

Interestingly, Phoenix Labs have also announced today that they've opened two new studios in addition to their current two. They say that they will continue working on Dauntless while prototyping concepts for new games.

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