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Dauntless Koshai - how to kill it

You've finally reached Slayer Rank 10 in Dauntless, but the trials have only just begun. The final new Terran Behemoth you'll face is the Koshai - a master of vines, plants, and a savage beast to boot. It'll take a well-prepared party and some knowledge of its attacks to slay this creature.

Those new to hunting Behemoths should brush up on the basics. Head over to our Dauntless Behemoths guide to find the rest of the bosses, or head back to our Dauntless guide & tips for more tips and tricks.

Dauntless Koshai guide

This guide has the full tips and tricks to killing the Koshai boss in Dauntless. It also has the resource table for the Behemoth and how to obtain the resources for each part.

Koshai Stats

  • Koshai : Threat Level: 10 (Recommended power: 350)
  • Koshai (Heroic)Threat Level: 17 (Recommended power: 550)

Koshai Elements

  • Strong: Terra
  • Weak: Shock

How to kill the Koshai

With the Koshai, there are a few things that it can throw up that, if not dealt with, you'll easily be overwhelmed. Have at least one person on gardening duty, weeding out the flowers in the middle of the thorns that the Koshai grows at an alarming speed. If you don't, the thorns will deal a small amount of damage that easily builds up, but it's the inability to dodge while in the thorns that will hamper your team.

Aside from tail swipes and the usual claw attacks that are quite fast, the Koshai has a nasty habit of disappearing inside the grass. It will sometimes dive out towards one player, which is an interruptable attack, so be ready to boop it to knock it over. It can also appear far away from your team, enabling it a chance to set up thorns, or going into his enraged state. It can also coil up for an attack, which can be interrupted.

When it has its antlers and is enraged, it will whip up a storm which doesn't do any damage to those up close, but it will obscure your vision of the beast itself. It's also a lot more aggressive in this state, diving underground at various points to surprise you later on, so be ready for any opportunities to boop it. Koshai is a highly durable and surprisingly nimble foe, so make sure you have the right equipment to deal with it.

Koshai resources

Before we go, here are the resources you can obtain for slaying and damaging the Koshai. These are a 100% chance to obtain an item, as long as you break specific parts, but there are rarities for each one as explained below:

ResourceHow to get resourceVariants
Aether ThornSlay the KoshaiAll
Vital Thorn (Rare)Slay the KoshaiAll
Splintered AntlerBreak its antlersAll
Broken Antler (Rare)Break its antlersAll
Imposing Antler (Epic)Break its antlers
VinetoothBreak its headAll
Thornscale (Rare)Break its headAll
Nature's Mane (Epic)Break its headAll
BramblespurBreak its legsAll
Thornclaw (Rare)Break its legsAll
Choking Bramblespur (Epic)Break its legsAll
Caudal ThornBreak its tailAll
Razorthorn (Rare)Break its tailAll
Living Thorn (Epic)Break its tailAll
SovereignSlay the KoshaiKoshai (Heroic)

That's it for our Koshai guide, but we'll have more boss guides coming soon. For more on what you can build with the Koshai resources, go to our Dauntless weapons and or Dauntless armor guides respectively.

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