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The Division 2 crafting - how to use blueprints, farming materials

While finding new items in The Division 2 is generally the way to go, there are times where you just need to make it yourself. Mods in particular are unlocked mostly by blueprints that need to be crafted. It can be a little confusing for new players, so we will let you know via this guide how it all works.

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The Division 2 crafting guide

Our guide for crafting will show you how to unlock crafting in The Division 2, where to find the crafting station, using blueprints, and keeping track of your projects for crafting via the Projects desk. Finally, we will be giving some tips on how to get materials for crafting.

How to unlock crafting in The Division 2

You won't be able to unlock the ability to craft items until you've at least completed the mission to save Eleanor Sawyer. Doing this puts you in better standing with Odessa, and in turn the Theater settlement. As soon as it is complete and you've given Odessa the good news, you'll be able to find a woman named Inaya al-Khaliq. She'll be to the west of your location as soon as you exit the door, complete with text on your HUD that states "Crafting". Speak to her to get her to go to the White House.

Finding The Division 2 crafting station

The next step is to actually find it in the White House. We've included a GIF of us walking through the main entrance and heading towards the Crafting Station, but if you prefer us to give you directions:

  1. Go into the White House via the main entrance.
  2. Head through the room until you reach the hallway on the other side, then turn left.
  3. Turn left again when you see the next room to find the crafting station.

Standing by the crafting station in the White House.

How to use blueprints in The Division 2

Blueprints are needed to make items in The Division 2. They're obtained by completing specific story missions and side missions in the game. To find out which blueprints are available for completing the mission, have a look at the rewards section on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you've got a blueprint, you'll need to visit the crafting station to make it. If you have all the materials on your person, you'll be able to just make it on the fly. Since mods in The Division 2 are shared across all weapons, you will only need to craft them once. Weapons and armour pieces however are able to be made constantly.

The Division 2 crafting levels explained

You may have noticed that there is a crafting level indicator. This is to show that the level of the items you'll create will match the level of your agent. So for example, a level 8 agent will be able to craft level 8 items. Mods don't have levels and are therefore not relevant.

The goal project screen, with a project requiring the Agent to complete three separate tasks shown.

Keeping track of your crafting projects

Not every project or upgrade will be able to be crafted immediately, but thankfully you're able to create a crafting project to keep track of your progress at any Project table. Unlike the settlement projects, you won't be able to donate your materials at these desks and it's just for keeping track of the items needed to make your chosen item. When you do have everything, head back to the Base of Operations at the White House and to the crafting station to make that item.

The Division 2: tips for farming crafting materials

Finally, you'll need some materials to actually make items. Below are some general tips to maximise your crafting material hoarding:

  • Enemies will sometimes drop items used for crafting. Some are rarer than others, with Titanium being among the most coveted.
  • Polycarbonate can be obtained by taking over control points.
  • Ceramics, Steel,  are usually found in supply rooms from taking over control points, but having the Deconstruction 2 perk also has a chance to drop them.
  • Dismantling armour will grant you Protective Fabric.
  • Dismantling weapons will grant you Receiver Components.
  • If you happen to wander into a dark alley, make sure you check any electrical boxes as they may contain electronics.
  • Titanium is incredibly rare and so far there's no known way to reliably obtain them. We'll update you if this changes.
  • If you see a random suitcase or crate in the city, make sure you loot it as it has a chance to give you any of the loot.

That's everything you need to know about crafting in The Division 2. We will have some more guides on the game in the coming weeks ahead, so stay frosty out there with your new stuff and come back soon where we'll have a lot more tips for you. In the meantime, if you preordered or obtained one of the many special editions to the game, head on over to our The Division 2 preorder bonus item guide for the steps that need to be taken to unlock these items for use in-game.

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