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Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer Explains 'RPG' Parts

The C79 scope is wayyy better than the VX1, duh

We haven't posted about Tom Clancy's The Division [official site] since June last year, which seems too long to go without checking in on Ubisoft's online shooter. The latest trailer is a good one to watch too, since it breaks down how the game's various parts fit together: from killing men on the streets of post-apocalyptic New York, to the stats and weapons upgrades that allows you acquire, to how guns are just one part of cleaning up the neighbourhood. Find it below.

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I can't tell whether The Division's combat is a thing I want to play yet. In some previous trailers its teamwork has looked fun, and I can be suckered in with an unlocked scope attachment as much as the next person, but I'm unconvinced by its indistinct machineguns and environmental reliance low walls. Destiny, which seems at least superficially similar in terms of its RPG structure, hooked me as far as reaching level 12 with a single character, but that was in large part because of its knife kills.

Can I zoop towards an enemy and melee-stab them in a single action in The Division? I don't know. The only thing I'm sure of so far is that it looks great. I'm slightly bored of ruined worlds, but I'd happily explore those New York streets no matter how covered they are with wrecked cars and ash.

Stay tuned - we should have a clearer assessment of The Division in the near future.

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