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Tower Of Fantasy has already teased its first major update, which adds a cyberpunk city

Mirroria's edge

One of the advantages to games heading westward long after an initial release in Asia is that there's sometimes a stack of existing update content already waiting to be localised. Perhaps that's how Tower Of Fantasy, which released two weeks ago, is already teasing its first piece of additional content. Find a trailer for it below.

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Called "Vera 2.0", the update seemingly adds a new area called Vera, which mostly consists of a desert excellently called Gobby in which you'll find a huge cyberpunk city called Mirroria. Mirroria, or Mirror City, is the floating pyramid structure seen in the trailer above, inside which you'll find neon-lit skyscrapers and flying cars.

The video also shows a few new characters, including Ruby, a Flame Simulacrum whose weapon is a friend named Sparky. There are also new bosses and mounts visible in the trailer.

Tower Of Fantasy is a gacha game, which means new characters are a given of any new content drop, of course. Vera doesn't yet have a release date but is apparently due to arrive later this year.

Ed thought that Tower Of Fantasy couldn't match Genshin Impact's polish when he played it last week, but if you prefer the newest anime gacha game, check out our Tower Of Fantasy tier list and regularly updated list of Tower Of Fantasy codes.

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