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Tower of Fantasy banners: release date and featured character

Learn more about the current and upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners

Want to learn more about the current and upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners? Tower of Fantasy is a gacha RPG that features a range of unlockable characters, known as Simulacra. You can obtain new Simulacra by spending a premium currency in one of Tower of Fantasy's Special Orders. Special Orders are more commonly known as banners in the gacha community, as that's the term used in the immensely popular Genshin Impact. Banners are essentially a form of gambling, as you pay the required currency in exchange for a randomly rolled reward (similar to a loot box). Tower of Fantasy currently has four standard banners and one event banner, which offers an increased chance to unlock a powerful Simulacrum named Frigg.

Below, we'll break down the current event banner and the start time and featured character for the next event banner. We'll also explain the required currency and potential rewards for each Tower of Fantasy banner.

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Current Tower of Fantasy event banners

The current Tower of Fantasy event banners are Angel's Path and Steelheart. The Angel's Path and Steelheart event banners are scheduled to end on September 20th at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST/11pm CEST.

The Angel's Path and Steelheart event banners offer a chance to unlock Frigg, an ice-based DPS Simulacrum, and Frigg Matrices respectively. To purchase orders on the Angel's Path banner, you must spend Red Nuclei, while orders of Steelheart cost Special Vouchers.

Tower of Fantasy screenshot showing the Angel's Path banner art, with Frigg falling while holding her sword in the background. Text in the forefront shows the pity system and time remaining for this banner.

When you purchase one Angel's Path order, there is a 0.75% chance to gain an SSR-ranked weapon. When you receive an SSR weapon, there is a 50% chance that you will get Balmung, the sword used by Frigg. Since characters and their unique weapons are tied in Tower of Fantasy, gaining Balmung will automatically unlock the Frigg Simulacrum.

When you purchase a Steelheart order, there is a 1.7% chance that you will receive an SSR-rated Matrix. Like Angel's Path, there is then a 50% chance that the SSR Matrix you receive will be related to Frigg. These Matrices are Frigg: Soulblade, Frigg: Post-Cataclysm, Frigg: Stance, and Frigg: Doubt.

Tower of Fantasy art showing the new character swiping her sword and leaving a purple trail while crouching. On the right, large text reads "FRIGG", "SEPTEMBER 1st", "NEW SIMULACRUM DEBUT".

Next Tower of Fantasy event banner

A new Tower of Fantasy event banner is scheduled to start on September 21st. A start time. title, and featured character for the event banner have not yet been specified. As soon as we find out more about the next featured character and the exact launch time for the next banner, we will let you know.

Tower of Fantasy banners: Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices

There are two other banners in Tower of Fantasy, but unlike the event banners, they will not cycle out. These banners offer weapons, including SR and SSR weapons that can unlock new Simulacra, and matrices, which you can attach to weapons to increase their stats.

The Choice Weapons banner has two caches, which offer the same weapons at slightly different drop rates. This is because they require different currencies.

Tower of Fantasy screenshot showing the key art for the Choice Weapons Gold Cache, with three ducks honking at two characters.

The Gold Nuclei cache costs one Gold Nuclei per order, and offers a 0.75% chance of receiving an SSR weapon (the highest rarity). The Gold Nuclei cache also guarantees an SR weapon or higher every 10 orders and an SSR weapon after 80 orders.

The Black Nuclei cache costs one Black Nuclei per order, and offers a 0.3% chance of getting an SSR weapon. Unlike the Gold cache, the Black Nuclei cache offers no guaranteed SR or SSR rewards after a set amount of orders.

If you want to ensure drops of the highest rarity, you should stick with the Gold Nuclei cache. Of course, the trade here is that Gold Nuclei are much harder to find, so you might need to spend money if you want to take advantage of the guaranteed drop rates. Make sure to also check out our Tower of Fantasy codes list to see if you can get some premium currency for free.

It's worth noting that neither Choice Weapon banner caches contain Frigg, as this character is currently exclusive to the Angel's Path order.

Choice Matrices banner art showing the guaranteed drop rate in the forefront and a Simulacra surrounded by wisps of fire in the background.

The Choice Matrices banner is less complex, as it doesn't have two different currencies. Instead, you can simply spend one Proof of Purchase for a Choice Matrices order. Each Choice Matrices order offers a 1.7% chance of receiving an SSR Matrix, and a slightly higher 7.5% chance to receive an SR Matrix. You are guaranteed a Matrix of SR or higher every 10 orders purchased, and an SSR Matrix for every 40 orders.

That wraps up our guide on the current Tower of Fantasy event banners and Choice banners. Once you've got one of the best characters in Tower of Fantasy from one of the banners, make sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy relic tier list to power them up even further. If you want to get the best relic, take a look at our guide on how to get the Colossus Arms early. Of course, unlocking a character isn't the end. You'll need to learn more about Combat Strength and how to increase your CS in Tower of Fantasy if you want to beat the toughest bosses.

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