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Tower Of Fantasy Colossus Arm quest: How to get the Colossus Arm Relic

Here's how to get the Colossus Arm Relic as early as possible

Want to know how to get the Colossus Arm in Tower Of Fantasy? The planet of Aida is home to many powerful items, but one of the most powerful of all is the Colossus Arm, a SSR-tier Relic which gives you the ability to shrug off attacks and vastly boost your damage output for a short time. It's one of the most highly sought-after items in the game right now, and for good reason.

The good news is that with the help of this walkthrough, finding it is a cinch. Below we'll explain every step of how to unlock the Colossus Arm in Tower Of Fantasy so you can get busy sending your enemies flying into the air with your hulking mechanical muscles.

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What is the Colossus Arm in Tower Of Fantasy?

The Colossus Arm is one of the most powerful Relics available to find in Tower Of Fantasy. In fact, it currently tops our list of the best Relics in Tower Of Fantasy, thanks to its excellent damage potential when activated.

Each Relic in Tower Of Fantasy can be activated to provide a powerful effect for a short time. This is what the Colossus Arm does upon activation:

  • Summon a colossus arm to battle for 20 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 300 seconds.
  • Gain hitstun immunity for the duration.
  • Normal attacks deal damage up to 1,387.7% of ATK and strongly launch enemies.
  • Skills deal damage equal to 453.5% of ATK and strongly suspend enemies.
  • Tap the Relic again to cancel.

You can also upgrade the Colossus Arm over time to unlock the following Advancement traits:

  1. Fire 2 missiles with each attack, dealing damage to the target. Each missile deals damage equal to 34.8% of ATK.
  2. Reduce cooldown to 200 seconds.
  3. Fire 4 missiles with each attack.
  4. Reduce physical damage received by 2%, even if not deployed. Unavailable in Apex League.
  5. Colossus Arm lasts for 30 seconds. All damage taken for this duration is reduced by 20%.

How to get the Colossus Arm in Tower Of Fantasy

Unlike most Relics in Tower Of Fantasy, the Colossus Arm is unlocked by completing a specific quest - which means if you beeline to that quest and ignore everything else, you can unlock this incredibly powerful weapon very early on in the game. The quest in question takes place on various Hyena-controlled oil rigs around Banges and Navia.

Follow the steps below to learn how to complete the quest and get the Colossus Arm.

Two vending machines in Tower Of Fantasy.

Step 1: Obtain an Iced Strawberry Soda

You'll need an Iced Strawberry Soda to give to an NPC later on in this quest. One easy way of getting a Strawberry Soda early on is by teleporting to Hykros, and searching the three vending machines on the top floor. There's a decent chance you'll get an Iced Strawberry Soda from one of them.

Otherwise, you can craft a Strawberry Soda from a cooking machine out of the following ingredients (for a guaranteed success):

  • 2x Strawberry (pick from bushes in Banges, Navia, and Crown)
  • 2x Honey (harvest from Needlebee Hives)
  • 11x Carbonated Water (purchase from food vendors, such as Mrs Taylor outside Ruin A-01 in Astra)

Step 2: Obtain 2 Toolsets

The other items you'll need later in this quest are 2 Toolsets, which you can obtain by purchasing 2 Fine Gifts from either the Points Store or the Crystal Dust Store (both viewable from the Commissary menu).

Depending on which store you purchase from, a Fine Gift will cost either 30 Energy Crystal Dust (obtained by spending Vitality in operations and missions), or 120 Training Points (obtained by using training machines). Either way, you won't need to spend any real money to obtain a Fine Gift.

Once you have the Fine Gifts, find them in your inventory and use them to select a reward. Pick the "Tool set" reward, as this is the item you need for the Colossus Arm quest.

The player character in Tower Of Fantasy stands on the base of an oil rig and converses with a Hyena Guard.

Step 3: Complete the Hyena's Base side quest

Now you can follow the below steps to complete the Hyena's Base quest and obtain the Colossus Arm Relic:

  1. Use your Jetboard to reach the Hyena oil rig west of the tiny islands off the west coast of Banges, and talk to the Hyena Guard stationed there. Pick the top dialogue option each time.
  2. Head to Banges Dock and talk to the robot Post Guard Lozwall near the Spacerift to gain access to the oil rig.
  3. Return to the Hyena oil rig and speak to the Hyena Guard again. This time, pick the bottom dialogue option each time.
  4. Head up the oil rig and read the Hyena Classified Document plaque on the wall next to the door with the guard stationed outside.
  5. Now use your Jetboard to reach the second oil rig northwest off the coast from Raincaller Island. Talk to the Hyena Guard there, and select the bottom dialogue option each time.
  6. On the oil rig, talk to the large Hyena NPC called Morgley, and give him your Iced Strawberry Soda. Then speak to him again to unlock the next part of the quest.
  7. Head to the locations of the three Hyena Beacons marked on your map around Navia Bay.
  8. Head to the south beacon and interact with the three broken machines at the top of the tower using your Toolsets. The south beacon can then be activated by interacting with the console at the top.
  9. The east beacon can be activated by interacting with the console at the top, then selecting the "Affix Components" option.
  10. The west beacon can be activated by interacting with the console and inputting the password "5972".
  11. Now head to the centre of Navia Bay where you'll find a floating platform emitting a blue beam down into the water below. Head through the teleporter at the base of the beam to reach the floating platform, and the Colossus Arm will be waiting for you inside a supply pod.
  12. Interact with the supply pod to complete the quest and obtain the Colossus Arm Relic.
A cutscene plays in Tower Of Fantasy, showing the activation of a beacon as part of a side quest.

And there you have it! That's how you can easily pick up the extremely powerful Colossus Arm Relic in Tower Of Fantasy without having to play for dozens of hours. You can use this punchy gadget to augment the attacks of even the best weapons in Tower Of Fantasy, so it's well worth picking up early on. If you want to get a little stronger before venturing out into Banges and Navia, check out our guide on how to increase CS in Tower Of Fantasy. And if our talk of Iced Strawberry Sodas has made you hungry, you can also check out our handy primer on how to switch the food item in your hotbar.

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