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Tower Of Fantasy: How to increase your CS rating

Here's how to improve your Gear Score as fast as possible

Want to increase your CS rating in Tower Of Fantasy? It's a tough old world out there in Hotta Studio's new free-to-play RPG Tower Of Fantasy, and you're going to need to focus on upgrading yourself and your equipment as much as possible if you want to progress through to the endgame. The most important number you should pay attention to is your CS rating (also known as your Gear Score), which tells you how powerful you are overall, taking into account all your weapons, matrices, armour, stats, and more.

There are various different ways to boost your CS throughout your travels in Tower Of Fantasy, and it can be easy to forget and neglect some of these aspects of your character and progression while you play. So we've laid them all out below, so you can jump right into increasing your Tower Of Fantasy CS score as quickly as possible.

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How to increase CS in Tower Of Fantasy

Your CS in Tower Of Fantasy is essentially a strength rating based on your Attack, HP, and other character stats. So if you improve those character stats, you'll automatically improve your CS.

If you want to know more about what CS actually is and how it works, check out our Tower Of Fantasy: What is CS? guide. Here, we won't go over all that. Instead, we'll walk you through how to boost your CS as much as possible so you can be ready for any threat the game throws at you.

Here are the best ways to increase CS in Tower Of Fantasy:

  1. Earn EXP to level up your character. As you increase your character level, your stats will automatically improve - including your CS rating. So any activity which earns you EXP will have an effect on your CS rating. Some of the fastest ways to earn EXP include playing through the main storyline quests, completing ruins, defeating bosses, and completing the daily bounty.
  2. Equip and upgrade SSR weapons. SSR weapons have naturally higher CS scores than SR weapons, so to really maximise your CS you should pick SSR weapons and upgrade them as much as possible. As well as spending upgrade materials to level up your weapons, remember also to advance the level cap for your weapons using duplicates of that same weapon earned through Special Orders.
  3. Apply Matrices to your weapons. Matrices are data chips that you can affix to your weapons to improve them. Each Matrix you add to an equipped weapon increases certain stats, which again increases your CS. You can also upgrade each individual Matrix so that it bestows much higher stat bonuses, which further boosts your CS rating.
  4. Upgrade your Suppressors. Suppressors are another way of increasing your stats, which has a knock-on effect on your CS rating. You can upgrade your Suppressor by hitting certain character levels and then spending Potent Omnium crystals.
  5. Upgrade your armour and other gear. As time goes on you'll unlock gear such as armour pieces and other pieces of equipment, each of which has their own CS rating which will be added to your character's overall CS. Make sure you spend time upgrading these individual bits of gear as well to maximise your CS score. Every little helps!

To view your current CS rating, just open up either the Character screen or the Backpack screen. Your CS rating will be displayed above your other stats on the Character screen, and in the bottom-left corner of the Backpack screen.

As you can see, your CS rating touches upon and pulls together many different elements of Tower Of Fantasy, so it's a good idea to spend some time getting to grips with all of them. For more information on the best SSR weapons in the game, check out our Tower Of Fantasy tier list. You can also learn about the best Relics in the game and how to unlock them, to help you get through the game and earn that EXP more easily. Another thing to look into is our list of Tower Of Fantasy codes, which you can redeem for free rewards - including Nucleus items you can spend to open more Special Orders.

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