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MMO Tower Of Fantasy cracks down on server wait times and cheats

The first round of bans is inbound

Recently launched sci-fantasy gacha MMO Tower Of Fantasy is trying to tackle server queues and cheats, the developers have promised. In a message posted to the official site, Tower Of Fantasy’s devs Hotta Studio say they’ve now implemented increased server caps and improved server recommendation logic for PC. There’s also a queue timer, if you find your feet tapping while you’re waiting to join. You can watch the game’s launch trailer below if you missed it last week.

Cover image for YouTube videoOfficial Launch of Tower of Fantasy!!
Tower Of Fantasy is a gacha MMORPG similar to Genshin Impact.

Other issues fixed in the latest update include compensation for stuff you’ve tried to buy but haven’t received – quite a biggie, that – and a cooldown period on text and emojis in chat. Next on the list of things to sort, say Hotta Studio, is an improved anti-cheating system. They'll be announcing the first round of bans too. Ooh err. Let’s hope players don’t get squished. You can see the full info in the dev report here.

Genshin-alike Tower Of Fantasy launched a week ago and initially struggled with server issues. Those were fixed fairly promptly according to Hotta Studio, and in-game currency compensation was dished out to affected players. Ed initially struggled to get access to Tower Of Fantasy too, but persevered. He’s had some time to gather his thoughts about the game, which should be up on the site later today – watch out for those! In the meantime, check out his recommendations for the best MMOs and MMORPGs to play on PC.

Tower Of Fantasy’s client can be nabbed from the official website here, but if you’d rather hang on to play it on a third-party launcher then expect to be able to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store later in the year.

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