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Tower Of Fantasy bug squishes characters until they're 2D

The game's launch wobbles seem fixed, but not all the glitches are pressed out yet

A flattened character image from Tower Of Fantasy
Image credit: SivHD,

Players checking out anime gacha MMO Tower Of Fantasy have been running into some strange bugs. Though the server issues that were being experienced at launch seem to be mostly fixed, other glitches are now being uncovered, not least of which is the ability to turn your character into a cartoon character who fell underneath a steamroller.

At first, Twitch streamer SivHD wasn't sure why his character model didn't look quite right. "I don't know what's causing it. One of my weapon animations, maybe, I don't know," he said. Eventually he figured out that it was likely sitting inside his turret gun that was making the avatar get slightly thinner each time. After spamming the move, his character became basically two-dimensional. Maybe my favourite part of it is that the gun isn't affected while holstered, just hanging out as chunky as ever on the back of a wisp.

Skipping a cutscene reset the bug, and it's not likely to happen accidentally without repeating the weapon animation hundreds of times, so it's not exactly game breaking. But it is one of quite a few bugs that players have been running into. Some are getting giant or pyramid-headed instead of flat. Another streamer suffered whatever is going on here.

My personal favourite is the one where, apparently, every instance of the number "9" was replaced with the phrase "10% off." It seems like most of those have been fixed - but not all of them.

Non-game breaking launch bugs are kind of charming to me. It's nice to see the software get to do some dark arts before the developers get in there with their post-launch polishing brushes. They've already worked to fix the login and queue issues that popped up in the first few hours, and mentioned at the time that they were "aware that some content will need to be optimized in the future." So these bugs will probably get squished out soon enough.

Tower Of Fantasy can be downloaded for free via its official website, with launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store planned for later this year.

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