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Tower Of Fantasy tier list: The best characters and weapons for PvP and PvE

The best Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy for PvP and PvE

Which are the best Simulacrum characters and weapons in Tower Of Fantasy? If you're just starting out with Hotta's open-world RPG, you might find it a bit difficult to wrap your head around the Simulacrum system in Tower Of Fantasy. In essence, all playable characters beyond your starting character are downloadable personalities known as Simulacrum, and all the best weapons in the game are manifestations of those characters. So each character is also quite literally a weapon.

In this guide you'll find an easy-to-grasp explanation of how the Simulacrum system works, along with our tier list of the best characters and the best weapons in Tower Of Fantasy. Further below we'll also list each of the Simulacrum themselves, and their pros and cons in combat.

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What are Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy?

Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy are AI personas based on characters that used to exist in the world of Aida. These AIs are linked to specific weapons in the world, so when you obtain one of these weapons, you also get the Simulacrum that comes with it.

You can equip a Simulacrum and a weapon independently of one another. Simulacrum are essentially cosmetic character skins and personalities that replace your character's default look. But each Simulacrum also has passive effects which you can begin to unlock once you hit Level 18. This is known as Simulacrum Awakening.

Below we'll walk you through our tier list of the best characters and weapons in Tower Of Fantasy, along with our pick for the best Simulacrum in the game for both PvE and PvP.

Tower Of Fantasy character tier list

  • Top tier: Samir, Cocoritter, King, Nemesis
  • A tier: Crow, Huma, Shiro, Tsubasa
  • B tier: Zero, Meryl, Ene, Echo
  • C tier: Bai Ling, Hilda, Pepper

For the purposes of clarity, here's that same tier list again but with the weapon names instead of the character names.

Tower Of Fantasy weapon tier list

  • Top tier: Dual EM Stars, Absolute Zero, Scythe Of The Crow, Venus
  • A tier: Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2, Chakram Of The Seas, Icewind Arrow
  • B tier: Negating Cube, Rosy Edge, Pummeler, Thunderous Halberd
  • C tier: Nightingale's Feather, The Terminator, Staff Of Scars
Several Tower Of Fantasy characters jump through the air

Best Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy

Some Simulacrum and weapons are far better suited for PvP than PvE, so we'll give you two answers here.

Overall, the best Simulacrum in Tower Of Fantasy is Samir. She is simply in the best position right now for overall DPS. Samir's Volt-affinity Dual EM Stars pistols give her a great amount of ranged damage potential, which only increases the longer you can go without being hit thanks to her Awakening traits, which grant you stacks of damage-increasing Concentration for every 4 seconds spent without receiving damage. Her damage can grow to insane levels, and all while staying at range and in relative safety.

However, in PvP, the best Simulacrum in the game is Meryl. While only a B-tier character in our tier list (because our tier list is focused mainly on PvE), Meryl is dominating the PvP meta right now thanks to her Rosy Edge greatsword and its Discharge skill, which generates a Frost Barrier that can lock enemies in place, allowing Meryl to spend the next 5 seconds dealing massive amounts of damage to them for free.

Below, we'll break down every character on the Tower of Fantasy tier list, explaining their powers and why they were ranked in their respective tiers.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Samir against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy blue sky over a craggy grassland.


As mentioned above, Samir's ranged DPS potential is huge thanks to her Dual EM Stars. The speed with which they can tear through enemies is incredible, and her Awakening traits make the damage increase considerably if you can avoid damage. Samir also has excellent control, with her Electro Field skill able to strongly suspend enemies. The duration of this skill doubles when Samir reaches 5 stars, and the other buffs to damage, crit hits, and crit chance that you'll get along the way make Samir almost unstoppable.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Meryl against a blurred background of a cloudy blue sky over a craggy grassland.


Meryl might not be the best PvE character, but her Frost Barrier discharge ability is unstoppable in PvP. It allows her to slow enemies by 50% and prevent them from dodging or jumping, essentially making them easy targets for any upcoming attacks. Since this effect lasts 5 seconds, Meryl is then able to unleash a string of hits from her Rosy Edge greatsword, while also providing plenty of time to activate her Blizzard skill. After five seconds of that huge damage, Meryl will have either already won her PvP duel, or have such a significant advantage that it's almost impossible for your opponents to bounce back.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Cocoritter against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


It might seem like combat is all about pure DPS, but trying to survive a boss fight without a healer will prove challenging. That's where Cocoritter comes in, as she is the best support character in Tower of Fantasy right now. She's an excellent healer, with her Sanctuary and Swift Deliverance abilities generating healing auras for nearby allies.

Cocoritter also creates a healing bee with each successful dodge, which will heal the ally with the lowest health within 15 metres. This means she can almost always have a healing effect active, keeping allies alive to focus on DPS. When a battle seems particularly dire, Cocoritter can even freeze enemies with her ice powers, giving allies a chance to benefit from her healing capabilities and time to quickly reposition away from danger.

Tower of Fantasy image showing King against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Bosses are incredibly tough in Tower of Fantasy, as they often have multiple shields. These prevent you from dealing significant damage directly to their health, and they often have five or six charges that you need to break through before your attacks will have full effect. To counter this, you'll want a shatter-focused character on your team, and they don't come better than King.

King is the highest-rated shatter character in Tower of Fantasy, with upgrades offering huge boosts to your damage against shields. When an enemy shield breaks, you can also cause a burn effect with King's fire powers that continues to damage over time, making it incredibly easy to whittle down large groups of enemies with ease. Since King is a melee character, you might find that he is often the nearest target for big bosses. Fortunately, his Awakening traits allow King to heal after killing a small group of enemies, ensuring that you can survive even the toughest fights.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Nemesis against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Like Cocoritter, Nemesis is one of Tower of Fantasy's best healers. However, she might be a little harder to get, as Nemesis is limited to the Rebirth of Clemency banner. When this banner cycles out later this week, Nemesis might remain unavailable for the foreseeable future.

That's a shame, because her Electrodes offer huge healing potential for yourself and allies. When summoned by using either her skill or discharge ability, these Electrodes create healing chains for nearby allies, giving them a huge health boost during a fight. When paired with the damage from her higher level skills, such as Ring Lightning, you'll find that Nemesis can tear through enemies from a distance while keeping allies on their feet and ready to fight.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Crow against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Dropping into A-tier, Crow is an amazing DPS-based Simulacrum who focuses on electricity damage. Most of his DPS potential comes from combining backstabs with electricity. When a high-level Crow backstabs electrified enemies, you can deal incredible amounts of damage thanks to significantly increased crit chance and crit damage stats. This strategy might not be so easy to pull off against standard enemies, but bosses are easy to backstab as they're such huge targets, and doing this to an electrified boss will cause its health to rapidly drop.

Crow's greatest weakness is his Awakening traits, which are only effective if you are not in a team. They offer 10% extra damage and a 6% damage reduction, both of which are too small to be noticeable when fighting alone. Many of Tower of Fantasy's activities are better as a group, and you'll find it much harder to survive alone, even with Crow's Awakening traits active.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Huma against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Huma is highlighted as a defensive character, as many of their skills generate shield buffs that soak up damage. However, their axe/shield hybrid Molten Shield V2 weapon that you can convert at will is devastating to enemy shields and can deal huge damage, making Huma a well-rounded character for dealing damage as well. They'll break shields and tear through enemies while soaking up enemy attacks, so those looking to play a Tower of Fantasy tank should have a perfect match in Huma. Add in a burn effect thanks to Huma's flame elemental powers and you'll quickly find that they're one of the best characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Her Awakening traits also offer Fortitude marks, which will stack each time you take damage up to a total of 12 stacks. You can then expend these Fortitude marks by using a weapon skill to generate a shield that lasts for 12 seconds, massively increasing Huma's potential as the tank on your team.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Shiro against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Like King, Shiro is focused on shattering enemy shields. However, Shiro has a variety of ranged attacks with her Chakram of the Seas, allowing her to shred shields without getting close to dangerous foes. If you do find yourself in danger, simply use Shiro's Full Bloom skill to create an AOE that surrounds her with bouncing Chakrams, dealing damage to any threats within range. As you level Shiro up, Full Bloom will get even better, granting increased damage to foes within the AOE at 1 star and 100% extra crit chance for 8 seconds after using Full Bloom at 6 stars.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Tsubasa against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Tsubasa's main weapon is the Icewind Arrow, which allows her to strike from a distance. Like Shiro, this allows you to stay safe while focusing on DPS, and Tsubasa's Arrow Rain ability will keep you alive if enemies do approach. However, most of Tsubasa's DPS comes from her Sharp Arrow stacks. When Tsubasa dodges an enemy attack, she will gain a stack of Sharp Arrow, which increases her attack by 5% for 15 seconds. This can stack up to three times at 1 star, but 6 star Tsubasa can gain up to five stacks of Sharp Arrow. More importantly, a 6 star Tsubasa will immediately earn five stacks if they land a headshot, which should prove easy enough if you charge an arrow.

Tsubasa might not have the immense DPS potential of King or Crow, but those wanting to keep their distance from baddies should find Tsubasa much more suited to their playstyle.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Zero against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


The last of the SSR Simulacra on this tier list, Zero is a support-focused character. His Negating Cube weapon is a fiery orb that floats around and allows him to create energy structures with each attack. These structures can create spikes that will burst out of the ground to attack enemies, or even platforms to give Zero some extra height on the field. However, the main reason to play as Zero is his healing and damage-boosting orbs, which generate when you deal damage. These can buff your allies, keeping other team members alive to do most of the DPS while you unleash some smaller strikes.

However, Zero comes in much lower than Cocoritter or Nemesis as a support character, as he is not able to heal allies passively. They will need to chase down these healing orbs, breaking their attack patterns and potentially slowing down the fight. Cocoritter's healing bee and Nemesis' healing chain simply heal the nearest ally in danger, allowing everyone to focus on dealing damage while you reposition to heal allies as needed.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Ene against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Ene is the first SR character on this list, so it's no surprise that she comes in lower than the SSRs. Ene is a defensive character, similar to Huma, but her Pummeler weapon doesn't have the same damage potential as Huma's converting axe/shield hybrid. Likewise, Ene's advancements are much less significant, with her only damage-reducing ability appearing at 3 stars. This makes Ene a rather poor tank, but she's suitable for low-level activities in the early game and for teams that consist entirely of SR characters.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Echo against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Echo is a great SR shatter-focused DPS character, but will struggle when compared to the SSR characters on this list. Like Ene, Echo just doesn't have the potential to rival SSR characters that fill a similar role. Their Thunderous Halberd can deal plenty of damage, and breaking an enemy shield will grant all allies a buff at 1 star, but there are plenty of SSR characters who will shred through shields at a much faster pace.

Echo's best quality is their ability to juggle opponents, making early-game fights much more manageable as you can easily slam foes into the air. This is made even easier with the Moonchaser skill, which allows you to immediately launch an enemy and start your air juggle.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Bai Ling against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.

Bai Ling

Bai Ling is the best ranged SR character, and is the perfect pick for a new player who wants to do DPS while keeping away from enemies. Her Nightingale's Feather bow is ideal for picking enemies off with charged shots, while the arrow rain combo will quickly deal with groups of low-level enemies. Her Explosive Barrage discharge ability is an upgraded form of arrow rain, which isn't the most creative attack but it deals plenty of damage.

If you quickly settle into Bai Ling's rhythm and enjoy attacking from a distance, consider upgrading to Shiro or Tsubasa if you get lucky with drop rates as you progress.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Hilda against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Hilda's Terminator, a big minigun/turret weapon, certainly looks cool, but it's one of the more bland weapons in Tower of Fantasy. It acts like little more than a peashooter for most attacks, leaving you to sit back and fire without much thought.

Hilda does rank high for both shatter and weapon charge, meaning she is capable of breaking down shields and able to use the Arctic Beam discharge ability frequently, but her overall DPS capabilities are far lower than any other damage-focused character. Hilda might be a passable early game option, but she's the least creative character on the roster and far weaker than most other Simulacra.

Tower of Fantasy image showing Pepper against a blurred backdrop of a cloudy sky over a craggy grassland.


Pepper is the only support-focused SR Simulacrum, so she'll prove essential for early teams that haven't pulled any SSR characters. Her healing skills are largely similar to Cocoritter, but with lower stats and less healing potential. She can still use Sanctuary and Swift Deliverance to heal allies, while successful dodges will also grant healing effects, but they're simply less effective than Cocoritter.

Since her Staff of Scars is quickly outclassed on the damage front by any other Simulacrum, and Cocoritter is a far better healer, Pepper is the worst character in Tower of Fantasy right now for DPS or support roles.

That concludes our tier list guide to the best Simulacrum, characters, and weapons in Tower Of Fantasy for both PvP and PvE. Hopefully this has proven helpful for you - unless you were looking for jiggle physics comparisons or something, in which case, sadly you came to the wrong guide. If you want to improve your characters and get even stronger, check out our guides on the best relics in Tower of Fantasy and how to get Colossus Arms. You'll also need to learn more about Combat Strength and how to increase your CS in Tower of Fantasy if you want to kill the biggest baddies.

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