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Tower Of Fantasy Relic tier list: The best Relics and how to get them

Learn about Relics in Tower Of Fantasy and how to unlock them

Looking for the best Relics in Tower Of Fantasy? The world of Aida is filled with powerful objects and tools, and among them are Relics - unique gadgets and weapons that you can use to explore and carve a path of destruction through the various regions in Tower Of Fantasy. There is a grand total of 20 Relics to find and unlock in the game, and while some have slightly lacklustre abilities, others are tremendously strong and are well worth obtaining as early as possible.

Below we'll walk you through our tier list of the best Relics in Tower Of Fantasy, along with a primer on how Relics work, and how to unlock each of the 20 Relics in the game.

Tower Of Fantasy Relic tier list

Below we'll walk you through our tier list of the best Relics in Tower Of Fantasy, so you know which ones to prioritise unlocking first:

  • Top Tier: Colossus Arm, Alternate Destiny, Jetboard, Jetpack, Type V Armor
  • A Tier: Confinement, Cybernetic Arm, Drone, Hologram Projector, Quantum Cloak
  • B Tier: Lava Bomb, Magnetic Storm, Missile Barrage, Omnium Shield, Spacetime Rift
  • C Tier: Couant, Hovering Cannon, Magnetic Pulse, Omnium Handcannon, Strange Cube

Best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy and how to get it

The best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm. Those hulking robotic arms are just too useful to ignore, bestowing hitstun immunity for the next 20 seconds, and augmenting your normal and skill attacks for the same duration. It's a powerful burst of extended DPS whenever you use it, and the ability to shrug off attacks that would otherwise hitstun you makes this SSR Relic an amazing tool in any player's toolkit.

Have a read up here on how to get the Colossus Arm early in Tower Of Fantasy.

The player in Tower Of Fantasy uses their Jetpack to glide from a high cliff down to the landscape below.

How do Relics work in Tower Of Fantasy?

In Tower Of Fantasy, Relics are special gadgets and weapons that you can equip in either of your two Relic slots. Some Relics help you with exploration and traversal - the most obvious example is the Jetpack, which is the first Relic you unlock in the game. But most Relics are used exclusively for combat.

Relics are divided into two rarities: SR, and SSR. The rarer SSR Relics are where you'll often find the most powerful weapons, but there are also some extremely useful SR Relics in Tower Of Fantasy, so don't just assume that SSR Relics are better.

Once you have more than two Relics, you'll be able to use the Relics screen to switch which Relics you have equipped at any time. Certain dungeons and other areas may require you to have a certain Relic equipped in order to complete the puzzle elements in that area and progress to the end.

How to unlock new Relics

You unlock certain Relics as part of story missions in Tower Of Fantasy. The Jetpack is again an example, as it is an essential tool for exploration and traversal that is unlocked for you very early on in the main story.

Most other Relics are unlocked either by exploring Ruins or simply earning a certain number of Exploration points for certain regions of the world.

Here's how to unlock each of the Relics in Tower Of Fantasy:

Relic Type Rarity How to unlock
Jetpack Misc SR Speak to Shirli in Chapter 1
Jetboard Attack SR Speak to Palu in Chapter 2
Missile Barrage Attack SR Enter Ruin A-01
Strange Cube Attack SR Enter Ruin A-02
Omnium Handcannon Misc SR Enter Ruin A-03
Couant Misc SR Earn 800 Exploration points in Banges
Magnetic Pulse Support SR Earn 660 Exploration points in Navia, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box
Magnetic Storm Attack SR Earn 700 Exploration points in Astra, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box
Cybernetic Arm Misc SR Purchase with 20 Cybernetic Arm Shards, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box, OR purchase the Rookie Supplies in the store
Hovering Cannon Attack SR Purchase with 20 Hovercannon Shards, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box
Lava Bomb Attack SR Purchase with 20 Lava Bomb Shards, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box
Quantum Cloak Support SR Purchase with 20 Quantum Cloak Shards, OR Redeem from SR Relic Box
Colossus Arm Attack SSR Complete Hyena's Base quest in Banges
Hologram Projector Attack SSR Earn 1035 Exploration points in Warren
Type V Armor Attack SSR Earn 1050 Exploration points in Crow
Alternate Destiny Defence SSR Purchase with 30 Alternate Destiny Shards
Confinement Attack SSR Purchase with 30 Confinement Shards
Drone Defence SSR Purchase with 30 Drone Shards
Omnium Shield Defence SSR Purchase with 30 Omnium Shield Shards
Spacetime Rift Attack SSR Purchase with 30 Spacetime Rift Shards

How to upgrade Relics

All Relics in Tower Of Fantasy can also be upgraded over time using Relic shards, which you can farm from Ruins, bosses, and Claire's Dream Machine.

To upgrade a Relic, just head to the Relics screen, click on a Relic, and click on the Advancement button on the left. There you'll see how many shards and how much gold you'll need to upgrade it. With each advancement level, you'll unlock a new passive trait for that Relic.

That wraps up our guide on the different Relics in Tower Of Fantasy. If you're looking for a similar idea of the relative power levels of characters and weaponry, then check out our Tower Of Fantasy Simulacrum tier list. While you're here you should also take a look at our Tower Of Fantasy codes list for free rewards, and our guide on how to infinite climb to help with all your traversal needs.

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