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Tower Of Fantasy players have more freebies on the way after major Nemesis bugs

The dev's latest compensation plan should be hitting later today

Tower Of Fantasy developers Hotta Studio have announced that players of their free-to-play gacha MMO will be getting another free compensation package later today, after a "serious malfunction" regarding one of its top tier characters, Nemesis. The issue was first spotted in the early hours of this morning, which prevented players from participating in a time-limited event known as Rebirth Of Clemency and rolling for new items and characters. Hotta Studio have assured players it should all be sorted now, though, and that they can expect to receive their next bundle of freebies in the coming hours.

According to the official post on Tower Of Fantasy's website, there are three main issues that have been addressed in this latest round of bug squashing, two of which are related to the event where players can try their luck at the game's gacha wheel to obtain new character Nemesis.

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At one point, the entire event went offline, but there was also an issue with the game's currencies, specifically its Flame Gold and Overclocking Chips. These are the items you spend to get new characters / weapons in Tower Of Fantasy, and whatever you have leftover normally gets converted into the more standard currencies of Black Gold and Base Chips respectively. However, some players found this conversion was happening before the event ended, which meant they still couldn't roll for new items.

Happily, both "Nemesis’s weapon and matric limited order is back online with guaranteed progresses kept as before", according to the developers, and "all conversion of Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips to Black Golds/Base Chips from Nemesis’s Limited Order will be reversed", too, restoring players' Flame Gold and Overclocking Chips to the same amount they had before the malfunction.

"If you have already spent the Black Golds/Base Chips, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Black Golds/Base Chips amount," the developers added.

The third issue was related to other rewards and buttons not displaying properly after other in-game events, including Side by Side I and II, Pioneer's Gift, and pre-register milestones, but these events are also back online now, and players can claim their rewards like normal.

All players will receive 500 dark crystals as compensation for the bugs, which Hotta Studio say will land in the next couple of hours later today, and anyone affected by the currency conversion issue will receive an extra 300 of them within the next five days.

Launch woes are part and parcel of any new MMO launch these days, but this is by no means the first compensation package Hotta Studio have issued for Tower Of Fantasy players. They put together a similar package a day after it launched on August 10th, following long wait times and server issues, and issued another one last week as they continued to deal with wait times and cheaters.

Our Ed thought Tower Of Fantasy was a relatively fun mix of MMO adventuring in his early impressions of the game, but found its gacha systems weren't quite motivating enough to power through its so-so batch of quests. It's very Genshin Impact, in other words, but if you'd like to give it go yourself (it is free, after all), then why not pick up some more free stuff from our regularly updated Tower Of Fantasy codes compendium?

Tower Of Fantasy is available now from its official website, and will be launching on Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year.

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