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Anime MMO Tower Of Fantasy offers players free gifts after rocky launch

And more fixes are on the way

Free-to-play gacha MMO Tower Of Fantasy was struggling with server issues after it lauched yesterday, but - touch wood - no more. The developers say that these are now fixed and that players should find it easier to log in and play. They've also said there's more fixes planned for the next couple of days.

According to the official post from the Tower Of Fantasy website, "the problems related to queuing, disconnection and inability to register and login have all been fixed. Other problems will be fixed within the next 48 hours."

They also note that they are "aware that some content will need to be optimized in the future," although details are scarce there.

People who were affected by the previous server disconnections and failed logins will receive in game currency as compensation sometime within the next 24 hours. (They'll also expire if not claimed in the next two weeks.)

The game can currently be downloaded from its official website, with launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store planned for later this year.

Ed's been trying to get a good look at Tower Of Fantasy since it launched, but was one of the folks who had been striking out on login luck. Things seem to be looking up, though - today he's been able to play through the tutorial and make it into the game proper without any issues. Fingers crossed that means things have indeed been smoothed out, and that he'll be back with his impressions soon.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our list of the best MMOs out there, to see what kind of competition Tower Of Fantasy is facing up against, as well as our list of best free games.

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