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Warzone 2 contracts: All contract objectives and rewards

Learn all about the various contracts you can complete in Warzone 2

Want to know more about contracts in Warzone 2? Contracts are an easy way to gain an advantage in Warzone 2, with each offering some nice rewards, such as extra cash, or some important intel. Contracts are dotted around Al Mazrah and highlighted on the map with various icons. Following these icons will lead you to a pick up, which will start the contract and give you an objective to complete. If you want to know which Warzone 2 contracts give the best rewards, you're in the right spot.

In this guide, we'll break down all Warzone 2 contracts, explaining what they entail and the rewards that they offer upon completion.

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Warzone 2 contracts explained

Warzone 2 contracts are short objectives that you can complete during a match to earn rewards.

These rewards usually offer cash and XP, but you can also use them to revive dead teammates and gain crucial intel about the next circle. Here is a list of all Warzone 2 contracts that are currently available in Season 1:

  • Bounty
  • Most Wanted
  • Safecracker
  • Secure Intel
  • Tactical Nuke

Below, we'll break down each contract, explaining what they involve and the rewards you can earn.

Bounty contract

The Bounty contract places a circle on your map highlighting the general area of an opponent. It also notifies them that they are being tracked, which is likely to either make them move very fast to avoid being found, or simply hole up in a building with lots of defences. That can make this a particularly tricky contract, and one for the more aggressive players who like a fight. If you prefer to wait out the timer and avoid combat until the end, this isn't for you.

If you manage to track down your target and kill them before the timer runs out, you'll earn cash and XP as a reward. There aren't any other bonuses on offer here, but the general location of an enemy is useful intel to have while roaming around Al Mazrah.

Most Wanted contract

The Most Wanted contract is almost the opposite to Bounty, but it severely ups the ante. When you pick it up, you'll become marked on everyone's map for a set amount of time. This isn't just a general area, though. Most Wanted marks your exact location, allowing every single player in your Warzone 2 lobby to track your location.

If you manage to survive the carnage that follows (other players will earn cash for killing you), then you'll get some cash and XP as a reward, along with free instant resupplies for any of your dead teammates. We recommend simply sticking to the edges of the map and roaming around in a vehicle, as moving around will make it harder for enemies to track you down.

A squad of four soldiers stand side by side and look at the camera from the bay of an aircraft in Warzone 2.0.

Safecracker contract

The Safecracker contract is the best way to loot up quickly in Warzone 2. It highlights the locations of three safes on your map, which are usually positioned fairly close to each other. You can open a safe by interacting with it, which places C4 on the front. When it explodes, you'll get some cash and some random loot.

Opening all three safes will give you extra bonus cash, meaning your pockets will be practically overflowing with money upon completion. If you want to hit up the buy station, the Safecracker contract is the one for you. If you're playing in a squad, consider briefly splitting up to hit all three safes in rapid succession.

Secure Intel contract

The Secure Intel contract is a two-parter, with the first step sending you on a hunt for a laptop. It'll appear somewhere in a general area that's circled on your map, wiht the precise location appearing when you're nearby. That means you'll probably want a vehicle, so that you can quickly travel across Al Mazrah and find the laptop.

Upon finding the laptop, you can retrieve some important data and move onto the second step, which involves delivering it to a random location. Follow the marker on your map to find a big, beefy computer, where you can pop in the data and wait for it to upload. Upon completion, you'll get some cash, XP, and learn where the circle will end up after the next collapse.

Tactical Nuke contract

Unfortunately, information on the Warzone 2 nuke contract seems to be incredibly elusive at the moment. It is confirmed to exist in Warzone 2, and ModernWarzone stated that it is based on a "special contract" on their Twitter. However, the chance of the contract spawning seems incredibly low, so it might be rare to actually see one spawn. While we don't know the current spawn rate, we do know that nukes do not appear in every match.

I did spot a missile logo on the map in my very first Warzone 2 match, which caught my eye because it was one of the only icons on the map when completely zoomed out, but I failed to investigate further (I died, okay?). When we learn more about the Tactical Nuke contract, we'll update this page with more information!

That wraps up our guide on all Warzone 2 contracts. If you want to ensure your survival while completing these contracts, take a look at our list of the best guns in Warzone 2. To see more information about how they all compare, make sure to check out our page covering all of the Warzone 2 weapon stats.

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