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Warzone Solos tips: how does Solos differ from Squads?

Solos changes things more than you think

I won the very first game I played of Call Of Duty: Warzone Solos last night. It was tense, frequently frantic, and above all an excellent lesson in how the shift from Squads to Solos changes everything, from weapon choices to playstyles and more. Our Call Of Duty: Warzone Solos tips will help you quickly get your bearings in this brand new mode, so you can give yourself the best chance of winning the match and sending everyone who crosses your path to the Gulag.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Solos tips

Warzone Solos: choose your weapons carefully

Choose your weapons carefully

For Solos, it's more important to use hard-hitting guns rather than guns with high magazine sizes, because you're no longer having to kit yourself out for the possibility of fighting multiple players at once. My current gameplan for weapons is to kit myself out with an AX-50 (because Warzone is very much a sniper's playground) and an Oden. This beastly Assault Rifle boasts the highest damage-per-shot of any automatic weapon, and it absolutely shreds at any range.

For more top-tier loadout ideas, be sure to check out our Best Warzone Caldera loadout guide; and for detailed stats on every weapon in the game, the best resource out there is our Warzone weapon stats guide.

Cash is not difficult to come by

Cash isn't hard to accrue even in Squads, but when everything you find is going solely to you, it's very easy to pull in over $10,000 before the first circle has closed. Which means Buy Stations are more important than ever - and they're also an earlier priority than they are in Squads. You might marvel at how quickly you got all that Cash, but don't assume you'll be the first player to the nearest Buy Station, because everyone else is accruing Cash at just the same rate.

It also unfortunately means that Buy Station camping is even more of a thing in Solos than it was in Squads. The only thing you can really do is be on your guard and make sure you're kitted out enough for a fight before you head to the Buy Station.

UAVs are your best friend in the final circles

For the unaware: a UAV is a deployable killstreak reward that you can either find as a (fairly rare) loot drop, or buy from Buy Stations for $4,000. When deployed, you will for a short time see enemy locations as red dots on the minimap and tac map in a surprisingly large radius around yourself.

It's a phenomenally useful ability. I'd go so far as to say it's the single most useful thing you can buy from a Buy Station, with the exception of the ever-essential Loadout Drop Marker. And in the final circles, activating a UAV will enable you to see everyone who remains - unless they're using the Ghost Perk, but then most players won't be using Ghost over High Alert.

Self-Revive Kits are less powerful than in squads

In squads, with teams, chances are that any enemy who downs you is going to be very preoccupied with your teammates, which makes the ability to self-revive extremely useful. But in Solos, not so much.

If you kill someone in Solos and they're downed but not killed, the only explanation is that they have a Self-Revive Kit. And unless you're in the process of being attacked by a third party, it's very easy to just run over to your downed opponent and finish them off. Self-Revive Kits aren't useless - they can save your life in long-ranged fights where no one's able to finish you off easily - but on the whole they're nothing like as powerful and prevalent in Solos.

Warzone Solos: never assume you're alone

Never assume you're alone

In Squads, there may be 150 players but really you're looking at around 80-90 squads of 1-3 players, each moving around in a unified fashion. But in Solos, there's no such unification in landing or movement.

With everyone so spread out, you should never assume that there's no one nearby. In fact, I'd urge you to do the exact opposite. No matter how silent everything around you, how remote your location, you should always assume that there is someone sneaking up behind you right at this moment. Your alertness is your greatest asset in the fight for survival.w

Rooftop snipers are more powerful than ever

As previously mentioned, Warzone is a sniper's playground. With players using Armor Plates to up their health pool to a potential 250 HP, having a gun that can deal 250 damage in a single headshot is extremely valuable. And given the urban nature of Verdansk, there's no shortage of tall buildings for players to camp atop and snipe from.

In Solos, the effect is compounded, because there are no teammates coming to save you if you get sniped. In Squads, downing an enemy from miles away doesn't always mean much, because their teammates can easily revive them. But in Solos, you seriously need to keep an eye on the rooftops if you value your life.

High Alert is more important than ever

Continuing the general trend of "everything that's good in Squads is even better in Solos", the High Alert Perk is something I'd consider to be utterly essential in all your loadouts. It seems not too many people have cottoned on to the power of Cold-Blooded as a hard counter to High Alert, which means you're likely to still get a tonne of use out of that yellow flash around your screen whenever an enemy has spotted you.

It's doubly important because, taking into account the previous tip, there's a very real chance of getting one-shot-killed in Solos. So you need all the advance warning you can get.

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We've talked a fair amount here about the major differences between Squads and Solos, but what about players who are only coming into Warzone now that Solos is available? Well don't despair: we've got plenty more general Warzone tips and advice in our main Call Of Duty Warzone tips guide. Click the link to learn all about weapons, Cash, Contracts, vehicles, and all sorts of advanced tips and tricks to maximise your chances of being the last soldier standing in Verdansk.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Solos

And that just about sums up my top tips for Warzone Solos. But if you're interested in maximising your Warzone potential, be sure to check out all the combined wisdom of our Call Of Duty: Warzone guides series below!

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