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What are we all playing this weekend?


If you've not already said goodbye to Alice Liguori, please do! She's leaving us after almost two years rocking our YouTube channel (and Rezzed and that), off to an exciting new opportunity she can't reveal just yet. Don't worry, she'll always be part of the Council of Alices: keeping the bumbling Congress of Matthews in place is a duty.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will probably be playing Sea Of Thieves because I told my younger brother about it, and now he's really really into it. He keeps badgering me about it. I couldn't play last night because I had a killer headache, and he just replied, "The seas don't have time for your weakness."

Alice L

I technically don't work for RPS anymore, but Alice O made me do one of these. Sure, I couldn't be fired, but I'll still be seeing Alice O and the rest of the RPS gang at the Christmas party and I don't want them to blank me like they threatened they would. In which case: I'm going to be giving the Mars Horizon beta a go this weekend and playing lots of Animal Crossing and The Sims 4. I'll also be catching up with Modern Family and reading, probably.


I've started XCOM: Chimera Squad and yep, still enjoying breaching and clearing. I am looking forward to that late-game XCOM thing of having soldiers so stacked with gear and abilities that they can pull off great foolishness. I didn't recruit the gunslinging Blueblood when his dossier first passed my desk and I hope he comes back around, I do like pistols popping off all over.


I've always loved the big, burly boys and girls of Gears slamming their shoulders into waist-high walls, popping up occasionally to shoot a manky-looking monster in the distance, so Gears Tactics is definitely on the list. Plus, it's meant to be quite a good game, so that's nice. The fact it's on Game Pass makes it even sweeter.


I recently caved and rebought Minecraft so I could play with fellow lockdown friends who have consoles. They're not massive gamers in general, they've only just found the Ender Portal, but relearning Minecraft has been an interesting experience. There are things even they cannot teach me, so maybe I'll give Ollie's guides a more in-depth read. One thing I noticed is that they have a lot of tamed animals locked behind fences. I might convert it into a zoo. Also, there's a weird groaning sound whenever I walk past the tavern. I assume something died and came back to life in the rafters.

Other than that, several playthroughs of Streets Of Rage 4 are in the cards, checking in on my Animal Crossing village, doing whatever new challenges are in Pokémon Go, and going back to Murder By Numbers as I kinda lost track shortly after starting it.


Graham has been fired.


Dove back into GTA Online with some buds this week for the first time in years, so this weekend I kinda wanna see if I can join up with one of those alien squads Alice O keeps writing about. Ooh actually it could be fun to try and imitate these strange gang wars in Sea Of Thieves. Would that work? Is this content? God knows. Be fun to have a go though, sandbox games are the best.


I only managed to play a teensy bit of In Other Waters last week, but I feel like I'm nearing its final stretches now, so I'm hoping to get that finished this weekend so I can sink well and truly into my next true love, Gears Tactics. Then again, with all this Assassin's Creed Valhalla chat, I'm also tempted to try III or maybe Black Flag for the first time in preparation for some Viking sailing / homestead action. Whatever I end up doing, it will almost definitely be topped off by my daily dose of Animal Crossing.


I'm finally going to play Gears Tactics, after booting it up several times this week then immediately closing it when I realised I didn't have enough energy. Beware, Locusts, for I am rested.


I'll be mourning the loss of my fellow vid bud Alice, weeping over footage of a Divinity blood incarnate and pouring out a glass of Rio in her memory. Might cheer myself up with more Gears Tactics - I'm grinding away at the 'veteran' endgame, which is randomised missions to earn better loot. My soldiers are gods at this point, but man if it isn't fun seeing single turns stretch into map-wide massacres.


Nate is off this week.


I've been bouncing between all sorts of different games testing out my wonderful new gaming rig. Of course, Plants Vs. Zombies isn't really much of a test of said wonderful new gaming rig. But y'know. Any chance to go back to Plants Vs. Zombies.


Sin is off this week.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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