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What are we all playing this weekend?


I will not give in and turn my heating on, not until November. You cannot make me. Okay, maybe on Halloween, because it'd be nice to be all roasty-toasty drinking hot chocolate and watching horror films. Alright, maybe the 30th, so I can warm my flat up a bit first. Or the 29th to get the first-heat-of-the-year stench of burnt dust out. Or the 28th to help with the humidity. But no sooner. I refuse. I'm no coward.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

A game called Mesmer came out yesterday. It appears to be a game about very politely starting a revolution by promising lots of favours and doing some shady deals. It was in my top picks from the Steam Autumn fest demos so I'm keen to have a butcher's.


I've not nearly seen the full potential of all the new champions Monster Train added last month, so I'm enjoying checking them out and climbing the Covenant ranks as I go. I've reached 18/25 and boy, I sure wish they increased the difficulty in more interesting ways than filling my deck with garbage and making bosses giant. But I want to hit 25 and unlock those Expert Challenges.


I'll be firing up the Streets of Rage/Yakuza free fun time game, Streets of Kamurocho, of course. It looks like pure joy.


I'm still playing Genshin Impact. All that gacha stuff I said wasn't hassling me a couple of weeks ago? Update: it's still not hassling me, but I went looking for how to do it, and I have now had 40 free spins of the roulette wheel and unlocked 5 new characters. I still like this game.


I'm getting proper into the Halloween spirit now, so I'll be spending a fair amount of time in Overwatch's Halloween brawl and trying to rope my pals into playing Phasmophobia with me. There may even be a bit of FNAF thrown in there somewhere, love going back to those cheesy horrors.


After digging out my Index for my Oculus Quest 2 review earlier in the week, I realised I never actually finished Half-Life: Alyx. Obviously, this must be rectified immediately.


Having gotten myself a taste for real-time stealth tactics with Partisans 1941, I reckon this might be the weekend I have a good ol' go with Desperados III. Ah, but wait. It won't be, will it? Because Age Of Empires III Definitive Edition is out. And let's be real here, Alice O's prediction of my likely fate upon its release was spot on, and is thus an accurate vision of what my weekend holds.


Writing this on Monday, since after that I'm on holiday for two weeks. I intend to spend much of my free time escaping from hell over and over in Hades, and destroying rebel scum in Star Wars: Squadrons. I've also started playing Fall Guys again with Season 2, and I hate it, and I will keep playing it.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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