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What are we all playing this weekend?


August is here which means the Fringe is upon Edinburgh. A few days of being crushed between tourists standing on bottleneck corners looking lost and I'll be shouting "YOU BASTARDS!" any time I hear the sound of little wheels trundling along. I imagine I will again be banned from the supermarket. And the playground. I do enjoy the Fringe though. As frustrating it is for mundane journeys to take twice as long for a whole month, it is convenient to have a huge arts festival turn up on my doorstep. Quite good, those arts.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I'm on holiday next week. Take that, suckers! I'm not going anywhere though. I'm going to use the time to finish all the games I really wanted to play, including Observation and more Outer Wilds, and possibly the AC: Odyssey DLC as well.

Alice L

Not much gaming this weekend for me, am I gonna be busy socialising and gardening (if the weather holds up). BUT I am hoping to FINALLY finish The Outer Wilds. After compiling a video on Outer Worlds the past couple of days, the confusion is getting worse. Why do they both have to have such similar names???

Alice O

My Destiny 2 raid group are about ready to start seriously working towards at a death-free run of the latest raid, and I'm looking forward to that challenge. No more daydreaming during bosses for me, I suppose. Shh. Don't tell.


I'm still playing Minecraft. I can't stop. Help me. I've really gotten into the redstone. I'm making rail systems. I'm like some fucked up goblin covered in crimson dust and iron filings. The minecarts trigger a little dinging noise when they reach either end of the railway. That bit alone took me two hours. I might die. Can somebody bring some food in for me, please?


I've been lulled back into Apex Legends, and recently unlocked the electric woman with the sparky fences. In one game I boxed an enemy into a tiny closet-sized space between two shelves, and then riddled them with a submachine gun. It felt like I was trapping a big monster. But just before the player died I could tell from their jerky, staggered movement that this was a very new player, possibly a child. So I guess I'm the real monster.


This weekend I'm doing family things, so no real time for playing games as it's a celebration. There will however be a fair amount of alcohol involved and possibly a rough Sunday as a result.


Look, I don't know what I'm going to play this weekend. I request a firing. [I'll save that for a future doublefiring -ed.]


Katharine is on holiday.


Matt has been fired.


Matthew is on holiday.


Nate has been fired.


You know what? I'm gonna boot up some Rocket League this weekend. It's my most-played game on Steam but I haven't played seriously in... God, is it really 2 years? That's insane. I know I'll be rusty, but some things you never forget. The current season ends on August 27, which means I've got just less than a month to get back to my former Grand Champion level. Can it be done? Probably not. But I'm sure to have a great time trying.


Graham has cursed me with Starborne, the MMO best described as Neptune's Pride meets EVE, and quite possibly the most evil idea ever devised. I'll be playing that all month but fortunately it doesn't need babysitting, so in between I'll going out for whatever a Pride Breakfast is, exploring in Minecraft, and experimenting more with Streets of Rogue.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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