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What are we all playing this weekend?


Woof, what a week. Most of the RPS gang came together for serious meetings and serious dinners, and it was lovely to see everyone - including many people I hadn't even met so far. It is a bit of a trek if you happen to live in Scotland, mind. And they have the heating up real high. And none of the tourist guides warn you that you can't drink the tap water down there. Poison. But lovely to see everyone.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will probably end up playing more Wolcen, which is a ridiculous game but also so ridiculous that I am in love with it.

Alice L

This weekend I'm finally going to be playing The Turing Test and I cannot wait. I'm a sucker for puzzle games, even though I suck at them. And now I've decided I actually really really like roguelikes I'm also going to give Skul a go. Can't wait. It turns out I'm a natural at this genre so I'm going to be playing them a lot more. We love getting into new genres. This reminds me of the time I realised I actually really liked pop music too, but-- we won't get into that now.


After several days in sweltering England with its taps full of pus, I need to: 1) sleep; 2) swim; 3) drink straight from the kitchen tap until I burst. I tell you, bin water flows from the taps in Brighton.


Astrid has been fired.


I'm still knee deep into Wolcen, wading through the guts and gore of all the enemies that I have exploded with a ridiculous build. You can turn monsters into mush too with our Wolcen builds guide! Anyway, enough shilling, as I will also be seeing what the new update did for Temtem and continuing my Oscar film watching. Parasite was comically dark and was a great watch, so may watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood next.


I've installed Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem because I'm surrounded by people in the office playing it, and I like the look of its monster popping. The problem so far is that it crashes on startup for me, claiming I don't have a .dll file installed even though it definitely is. If I can find a way around that, I'll spend the weekend making skeletons crumble. Does it have skeletons in it? I bet it does.


I realise I'm quickly becoming that person that looks like they're obsessed with Sea Of Thieves, and I promise I play lots of other games in my free time, but this weekend I will absolutely be playing Sea Of Thieves. There's a new update out this week, how could I not! I don't have a problem! You can't stop me!


Because Matthew and I are renowned weekend party animals, we decided to go and sit in the British Library today and listen to a bunch of lectures about Japanese authors and filmmakers. We know how to have fun, honest. We're also visiting family tomorrow, so that probably means zero gaming and 100% awkward small talk. Par-tee-time.


Matt has burst.


I'm to London this weekend for a day of talks by Japanese authors. If I'm not too busy stroking my chin, I might try to play a bit of Corruption 2029 - I adored Mutant Year Zero and while this looks a lot like that minus the charm, I'd still take anything remotely like Mutant Year Zero over most things.


Other than my usual does of vitamins A, O, E and 2, this weekend might see me get down and dusty with my old mate The Cowboy, as I take him on a few murder-moseys through RDR2.


This weekend I'll be continuing my modded playthrough of The Witcher 3. Spending some time cleaning up Velen and Novigrad before I head on down to the Skellige Isles. If I need a break I'll probably switch over to Modern Warfare. Gotta brush up my skills in preparation for the battle royale mode (allegedly) releasing next month!


Sin has burst.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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