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Wolcen builds: best abilities to burst your enemies

Builds for both the campaign and end game mode

So you've played a little bit of Wolcen, now that it's properly fixed, and are now staring into the abyss that is the skill tree. Where do you even start?

Luckily, there are some builds out there for new players looking for a bit of direction that cater to all types. From bloodthirsty warriors that spin axes repeatedly, to mages that want to see things explode. We've got a collection of the best builds right here for you to use, including one that we've found to be very handy indeed that we made.

Wolcen builds guide

Since there are so many customised options for builds, this Wolcen builds guide has some ideas for the best builds to get you started. Each one will contain the skills you need to equip, the modifiers that should be enabled, which points you should spend upon levelling up, and general track on the skill tree you should be following.

Our Wolcen guide has some tips and tricks for beginners. If you're here to try and fix the third act's boss, this Wolcen Act 3 boss guide should give you a workaround. Some of these builds require items of a certain kind, so read up on our Wolcen items guide to learn more. Some of these builds are very useful for the Wolcen Champion Of Stormfall end game, especially during the rather long Wolcen Expeditions, so use our guides to get started.


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Plaguelord build

One of the best builds comes from Youtube User "Vulkan" and it is especially good for magic users that like to see demons explode. The general idea when you're attacking is to combine both Anomaly and Plagueburst so that the area fills up with poisonous gasses from exploded enemies. Other skills are there to accelerate killing the enemy. If there is one build I highly recommend you use, it is this one.

Plaguelord build active skill modifiers

  • Anomaly: Dislocating Threads, Elongation, Event Horizon, Temporal Dilation, Echoes of Infinity, and Aether's Fracture
  • Infinity Blades: Sublime Cut, Timeline Selection, Force Field Condensator, Spherical Repulsion, Anti-Mobility Form, Material Sinkhole, and Magnetised
  • Plagueburst: Disgrace, Loser's Gift, Noxious Smog, and Corruption's Bloat
  • Tears of Etheliel: Sorrowful Attunement, Meteorlogical Grip, Scorned by Fire, and Stalactite Rain
  • Light Bringer: Hope's Arrival, Holy Ground, Insuppressible Rhapsody, and Noble Rider

Plaguelord class skill tree path

  • Scholar: Atruttion Strategist, Thirst for Knowledge
  • Warlock: Resilience to Corruption, Reining in the Darkness, Duty to Exterminate
  • Plaguebringer: Toxic Emantation, Undertaker
  • Soldier: The Wild Card
  • Cabalist: Immortal Offering, Power of the First Men

Plaguelord gear and attributes

  • When spending every level up into attributes, try to spend six or seven points into Ferocity. Three or two points respectively into Wisdom will leave you with a single point to put into one of the other two stats.
  • Keep your Force Shield high and bolster ability to afflict ailments.

Mage build

This one is more of a classic mage build. The idea here is to have a bunch of high-damaging spells that affect multiple targets. You will then use Aether Jump to get out of the way of your targets, while Bulwark of Dawn gives you health recovery should things get a bit dicey.

Mage build active skill modifiers

  • Consuming Embers: Catching Spark, Arsonist's Dream, Seeking Flames, Fraticidal Reunification, Passions Aflame, Immolator, and Exposing Flames
  • Arctic Spear: Boon of the Usurper, Shattering Blasphemy, Prolonged Deceit, Organic Temperature Shift, Crystal Javelin, and Cold Regard
  • Aether Jump: Quantum Mind, Escape Artist, March of the Time Devourers, Feeding the Aether, Aethereal Bounce, and Interstital Boost
  • Annihilation: Catatonic Trance, Swing of the Pendulum, One with the Weave, The Flow of Infinity, Pressure of Time, and Consumed by Nothingness
  • Bulwark of Dawn: Vitality Exhumed, Boundless Cornucopia, Divine Omnipresence, Generative Star, Extended Protection, and Haven of Men

Mage class skill tree path

  • Scholar: Attrition Strategist, Thirst for Knowledge
  • Warlock: Duty to Exterminate, Resilience to Corruption, Reining in the Darkness
  • Ranger: Safe from Afar, Come What May, Persistence Hunting, Meditative Focus
  • Oracle of the Trinity: Omnitempest

Mage gear and attributes

  • I recommend putting the majority of your points into agility. Casting speed is the main stat you will need to increase, so I'd put in seven points per level into this stat. Ferocity should have a couple of points per level, while wisdom should be your tertiary skill. You don't really need toughness all that much here.
  • Equip items that give you added perks for agility, spell casting speed and spell critical chance, willpower cost reduction, cooldown reduction and bonus damage from one of lightning, frost or aether.

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Gun mage build

For those that want to have a lot more guns in their arsenal, we have a build here that comes from Youtube User "ZiggyD Gaming". With this build, you're essentially playing with stasis effects to deal as much damage to enemies as possible, while also keeping healthy with Bulwark of Dawn.

Gun mage build active skill modifiers

Note that the sixth active skill is for endgame.

  • Aether Jump: Quantum Mind, Spirits of the Void, Fragments of Aether, Escape Artist, March of the Time Devourers, and Time Paradox
  • Arctic Spear: Crystal Javelin, Cold Perforation, Puncture Icicle, Boon of the Usurper, Cold Regard, An Ominous Chill, and Freezing Skewers
  • Anomaly: Dislocating Threads, Elongation, Temporal Dilation, Twists and Windings, Aether's Fracture, Rending of Matter, and Event Horizon
  • Bulwark of Dawn: Everlasting Aurora, Sacred Grounds, Blade of Truth, Inspiration, Divine Omnipresence, and Aegis of Hope
  • Stings of Krearion: Light Frame, Flying Death, Siege Tactics, Pulmonary Strike and Cruel Songbird
  • Havoc Orb: Massive Blast Zone, Magnificent Explosion, Glory to Mankind, Vaporizer, Multi-barreled Mortar, Extreme Fragmentation, and Unstable Charge.

Gun mage class skill tree path

  • Sentinel: Backline Raider, Covert Operative
  • Exorcist: Branded Burst
  • Ranger: Safe from Afar, Archion's Teachings
  • Warlock: Residual Energy
  • Time Weaver: Which Time Cannot Heal, Dire Juncture
  • Soldier: The Wild Card

Gun mage gear and attributes

  • In a similar way to the previous build, Ferocity is your main focus. Spend a couple of points per level into Toughness to bolster your health a bit, while the final point per level should be going into agility.
  • Equip a decent pistol as your main weapon, with a catalyst in the offhand. Focus on stuff that adds damage to spells, critical damage, ferocity, and transfer time rate reduction.

Blades Edge pure melee build

This build comes from the Wolcen forums and the user "ron-pierce". Combat is initiated with Wings of Ishmir to buff damage and drag enemies towards you. You can then use Sovereign Shout and Juggernaut triggered twice to burst most enemy groups. Following that, you use Blood for Blood and Bleeding Edge, dragging enemies to you with Wings of Ishmir to get sliced up.

Blades Edge pure melee build active skills modifiers

  • Bleeding Edge: Bladed Meteorite, Upright Fury, Unstoppable Momentum, Astral Orbit, and Despotic Perseverance
  • Wings Of Ishmir: Lightspeed, Berzerker's Onslaught, Stunning Apparatus, Relentless Pursuit, and Twisting Harbinger
  • Warpath: Sprinting Strides, Inflexible Stance, Forge A Path, Marrow Eater, Mania, Break The Line, and Unstoppable Charge
  • Blood For Blood: Fear Marches, Reaching Claws, Organic Failure, Unrelenting Attrition, Unstable Flesh, Standing Straight, Maddening Pain, and Grip Of Agony
  • Sovereign Shout: Hold The Line, Conqueror Of Will, Infectious Determination, To Rise Again, Hostile Inspiration, and Enemy's Pallor

Note: Build also has Juggernaut as a sixth ability, but no current modifiers selected.

Blades Edge pure melee build class skill tree path

  • Soldier: The Wild Card (and any that increase attack damage/crit damage/ferocity)
  • Warmonger: Gods Amongst Men and Feast For The Crows. (Get the two medium sized spheres too.)
  • Siegebreaker: Disallowing Vessel and Salvatory Anchor. (Get surrounding minor perks too.)
  • Child Of Fury: Furious Appetite (Follow path from Siegebreaker, getting the fireproof and frenzied blows perks)
  • Warlock: Just go from Child Of Fury to get the smaller Duty To Exterminate and the two other minor buffs)
  • Sentinel: Don't get any big perks. Focus on stamina increases and getting into Praetorian
  • Praetorian: Selfless Courage. (Also grab Sacred Oath minor perk)
  • Arms Maester: Virtuous Stance. (Grab some block efficiency perks)

There are various splash classes this build uses, so look here for the optimal path.

Blades Edge pure melee build gear and attributes

  • Split the attribute points so that the majority of them go into Ferocity, but some also go into Toughness. The ideal build is 650 Ferocity and 420 Toughness at level 90.
  • Weapons need to have Material damage, Rend/Physical/Toxic damage, three Offensive I slots that you should put gems to increase physical damage, and Crit damage bonuses.
  • Armour should at least be heavy chest and helm, with bruiser for the other parts. Material damage, flat resistances, and transfer time reduction are ideal too.

White arrow ranger build

We have also concocted a build of our own for those who wish to be more dedicated to using a bow and arrow. Critical hits and maximising the number of projectiles is the way to go here, but there's also some evasion present to allow you to avoid being hit.

White arrow ranger build active skills modifiers

  • "Deathgazer" Railgun: Reckless Gunner, Ranged Superiority, One Simple Shot, Protean Aim, Aether Piercing Ammunition, and Comfortable Distance
  • Duskshroud: Umbral Promise, Ex Nihilo, Cresuplat Attunement, Leaps and Shifts, Blind Strikes, and Shrouded Assailant
  • Phantom Blades: Windforged, Butterfly's Eye, Thick Edges, Immobilizing Bola, Death's Last Delay
  • Stings of Krearion: Pulmonary Strike, Cruel Songbird, Light Frame, Pincushion, Phantom Volley, Ardent Nock, and Flying Death
  • Wailing Arrows: Serrated Arrows, Call of the First Archers, Eagle Eye, Reemergence, and Vanquisher's Outlook

White arrow ranger class skill tree path

  • Sentinel: Backline Raider, Pitch Runner, Covert Operative
  • Ranger: Come What May, Archion's Teachings, Safe From Afar, Shoot to Kill, Bullseye
  • White Arrow: Wintry Hail, Hungry Stalactite
  • Soldier: The Wild Card

White arrow ranger gear and attributes

  • You'll primarily be spending attribute points gained per level into ferocity. You don't need as much toughness or wisdom, but putting some extra points into agility might be a good idea so you can keep up the pressure. Try to spend seven points into ferocity, then two into agility and one into the lowest of toughness or wisdom.
  • Look to items that give you critical hit chance and damage, bonus damage from any element, rend/bleeding boosts, and ferocity.

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Spin 2 Win build

Another really good build from Youtube User "Vulkan". This is a melee focused build that will carry you through the end-game portion of Wolcen. It's aim is to ensure a spinning axe is moving alongside you, slicing every opponent you have.

Spin 2 win build active skill modifiers

  • Bladestorm: Lethal Momentum, Unfettered Determination, and Cascading Rhythms
  • Bleeding Edge: Shredding Edge, Unstoppable Momentum, and Astral Orbit (swap this for Delayed Bladespin against bosses)
  • Sovereign Shout: Hold the Line, Rallying Cry, Dawnbreaker, Raging Berserker, and Hostile Inspiration
  • Blood for Blood: Fear Marches, Blood Ambrosia, Unrelenting Attrition, Unstable Flesh, and Standing Straight
  • Wings of Ishmir: Noble Bearing, Berzerker's Onslaught, Stunning Apparatus, and Meritorious Crew

Spin 2 win class skill tree path

  • Soldier: The Wild Card, The Heat of Battle
  • Warmonger: Blood Reaper, Manic Slaughter, Feast for the Crows, Bestial Frenzy, Gods Amongst Men
  • Exorcist: Academic Fieldwork
  • Child of Fury: Furious Appetite

Spin 2 win gear and attributes

  • You want to have as many points as you can physically afford to spend placed into Ferocity. It's recommended that you place five points into Wisdom after every fourth level, and the rest into Ferocity.
  • Look to items that give you critical hit chance and damage, bonus damage from any element, rend/bleeding boosts, and ferocity.

 Sacred crusader build

Finally, here's a more defensive build that relies a lot of abilities that enable you to tank hits. You'll also be dealing back fire and sacred damage, with skills that cleave through your enemies as they try in vain to hit you. It's not as good as the others, but still a fun one to build.

Sacred crusader build active skills modifiers

  • Flight of Gaavanir: Howl of Battle, Blazing Fury, Stones Casting Shadows, and Standing Boulder
  • Bleeding Edge: Unstoppable Momentum, Astral Orbit, and Upright Fury
  • Bulwark of Dawn: Everlasting Aura, Sacred Grounds, Blade of Truth, and Divine Omnipresence
  • Juggernaut: Grudges Collected, Crushing Wall, Prideful Deflaguration, Perpetual Osmosis, and Cold Steel
  • Wings of Ishmir: Noble Bearing, Berzerker's Onslaught, Stnning Apparatus, and Meritorious Crew

Sacred crusader class skill tree path

  • Soldier: The Wild Card, The Heat of Battle
  • Warmonger: Feast for the Crows, Manic Slaughter, Bestial Frenzy
  • Warlock: Duty to Exterminate
  • Siegebreaker: Beligerent Banner
  • EOS: Beacon for the Lost, Dawn's Pious Striker
  • Arms Maester: Proud Reprisal

Sacred crusader gear and attributes

  • Spend nine points into ferocity whenever you level up and one point into wisdom. You do not need anything else.
  • Your stat priorities for items are high base physical damage, melee weapon, fire, and sacred damage, attack critical hit change and damage, attack speed, life leech, and ferocity.

Those are the Wolcen builds we have so far, but more will be coming in the near future. We'll also be bringing you a few more guides focused on how to defeat certain bosses, beginning with the Wolcen Act 1 boss. There will also be in-depth guides on the Wolcen skill tree (classes) for passive skills, or the Wolcen skills for details on active skills.

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