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Wolcen Expeditions: how to find maps

Getting better loot

Are you finding the Champion of Stormfall mode in Wolcen a bit slow going? If so, you may want to look into giving Expeditions a go. These are small gauntlets where you explore dungeons and grab lots of loot. It's worth playing this mode a few times to try and get the most production out of it.

Wolcen Expeditions guide

As the most efficient way to get through the Champion of Stormfall mode, we'll be going over the Wolcen Expeditions and how they work. You'll also find information on modifiers and even maps that you can put into map slots to modify dungeons. These dungeons are not all that different to regular dungeons in their structure, so there are sub-dungeons with more loot.

Our main Wolcen guide has further tips for the rest of the game, and you should look at our Wolcen builds guide for the best builds to use in the post-game dungeons. You'll be visiting them a lot, so it's good to have an idea of what will make them as easy as possible.


What are Expeditions?

Once you've finished the campaign, you'll be able to start the Wolcen Champion Of Stormfall mode. In this mode, you'll be smashing your way through dungeons in order to build up the city of Stormfall.

One of the ways you can access dungeons is via the Expeditions Map. This is located to the right of the main hub area between the Mandates Board and Demetra. You'll be able to set your difficulty and any modifiers before setting off. Once you've accepted the quest, you won't be able to cancel it and you can't use town portals to return. You'll need to either complete it or die without any revives left.

You'll then go through up to three levels of randomised dungeons. These can have any creatures from any point in the game, adjusted to increase their level to match the difficulty you selected. In these dungeons, you can potentially obtain legendary and unique items to bolster your builds, so make sure you look at our Wolcen items guide to learn more about those if you need it.

Wolcen expeditions

Increase the difficulty to get better loot

Upon opening the menu at the desk, you're presented with a bunch of options. In order to unlock harder difficulties, you'll need to play and complete the Adept difficulty. I highly recommend you do so as this yields better cash rewards at the end of the quest.

Unlocking the veteran difficulty will give you three level dungeons that you can select the enemy starting level. For each set of three levels you complete, you will unlock the next set beginning three enemy levels higher than the previous one. Completing all of the veteran levels will unlock a further difficulty level. The higher base enemy levels will adjust the following:

  • Overall enemy levels
  • Percentage chance to find magic or higher tier items
  • Multiplier of productivity gained at the end towards your projects.

You can also click that glowing red/orange button on the same screen to pay some gold to get area modifiers. These modifiers will always work against you. The reason why you'll want to click this button is increase the multiplier for productivity levels and chance to get higher level items.

Wolcen expedition

How do I get Maps?

Maps are occasionally found in Expeditions or mandate missions. You can use the map to get the desired effect To get more maps, just play more Expeditions and kill enemies. They'll sometimes drop as rewards for completing certain building projects. So far, I've found the following maps:

  • Wealth Omens: Higher population of Wealth Omens.
  • Treasure location: Higher amount of chests.

Now that you know how the Wolcen Expeditions work, you should probably have a suitable build to get through the dungeons. If you don't want to just use a build that someone else has made, make your own while using our Wolcen skill tree (classes) guide to assist in learning what passives might help or our Wolcen skills guide for active skills that can deal damage.

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