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Wolcen's major update adds new environments and lots of tweaks

Eg. pets now collect your gold

Action RPG Wolcen felt like it burned bright and fast, attracting a peak of over 100k concurrent players at launch last February, and retaining only a little over a thousand a few months later. Bugs and a lack of endgame content seemed to be the issue.

The game's latest patch addresses both. Update adds four new environments that can be played in endgame expeditions, lets you progress 30 more levels in that endgame content, and tweaks and fixes lots of other stuff.

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Champion Of Stormfall expeditions are Wolcen's endgame content, and this update allows you to play them up to level 217. It's here that the four new environments can be played - Aberrant Bluffs, Aberrant Halls Of Adrastis, Infested Adrigion Woodlands, and Infested Primordial Catalyst. Lovely places all, by the sounds of it.

Most of the other changes are smaller tweaks - for example, pets now collect spilled gold, and dodge rolling now goes through enemies by default, and lots of skills have been re-balanced. Or, it's fixes for monster animations and other bugs. All of the changes are outlined in a Steam news post.

Also mentioned in that post are changes to the loot filter, summons and crafting system, which will come in a future update. You can read more about those features in an older Steam news post.

All of this sounds nice, but I'm probably going to hold off on any action RPG at this point until Diablo 2: Resurrected arrives.

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