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Wolcen is prioritising fixes over new content for a few months

Hey, I'm Wolcen here!

Click-click-click-click-clicking action-RPG Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem made a big splash when it launched in February but has struggled with technical problems from the start, suffering all sorts of bugs, crashes, and server issues. While the makers, Wolcen Studio, have been slapping on patches, it's still in a sorry state. Now they say they will prioritise fixing Wolcen over adding to it, dedicating the next four months to a plan named Operation Second Dawn.

"We initially planned to put a top priority on new league content and on the new Chapter shortly after the release of the game," Wolcen Studio said in Friday's announcement. "We've decided to swap the priority between the production of new content and bug fixing, game stabilization, quality of life, and recruitment during the next 4 months."

They say the goal of Operation Second Dawn is to "focus on fixing several issues and invest in resources and infrastructures to make sure that the game will grow on a healthy base and a happy community."

This incudes... bug fixes, better testing with help from an external QA team, a rebalancing, trying to make servers more reliable, quality of life improvements including rebinding left-click and a new quest reward system, and more diversity of visuals and monsters in Chapter 3. They say they also plan to be better at communicating.

Once Second Dawn wraps up, Wolcen Studio will be on to adding a league with content patch 1.1.0. They want to make new Chapters too.

"We've always planned to support Wolcen for several years and that includes regularly adding free content in the game," they say.

Our Alice Bee declared Wolcen "is ridiculous and I love it" after she played it. Fixing up its problems does sound worth it. If you suffer Wolcen troubles caused by yourself rather than the game, see our Wolcen guide for help.

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